I Will Never Be Cool and That’s OK

I have stopped becoming so scared of what I saw in the mirror and so terrified of the voice inside of me, because who I am, the real me, is not cool and it never will be cool, and I’m okay with that. I am now happy that I can accept myself for who I am and not who I want myself to be.
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Losing My Religion: Becoming an Atheist

Having had a deeply religious childhood, he has gone through an often-conflicting journey to leave religion. This piece won 3rd place in Magdalene’s writing competition held to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.
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Telling Stories, Countering Narratives

For a long time she believed the repeated abuses were her fault, until she met with people who accompanied her as she retold her story, and reclaimed her own body and peace of mind. This piece won 2ndplace in Magdalene’s Writing Competition held to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.
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