The Red Swan Doctor

From gay men looking to take an HIV test discreetly, to single women who long for pap smear examinations without doctors or nurses questioning their marital status, all find a safe haven at Angsamerah Clinic, where they can consult a medical doctor on the often taboo sexual and reproductive health issues.
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Prison Escape Tough Love Story

On a hot Saturday afternoon, Ibu (Indonesian word for Mrs.) Sembiring stepped into the Tanjung Gusta Prison in Medan, North Sumatra, for one mission: To bring her son back behind bars.
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The Feminist Ulema

Vagina is not the word you would expect to be thrown casually in a conversation with an ulema. But Husein Muhammad, or Kyai Hussein as he is affectionately called, did just that, and not in a derogatory manner.
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