Appreciate and Embrace

Friday, 13 January 2017 - 11:30:59 WIB
By : Kevin AKZ | Category: Belles-Lettres - 1398 hits


It is not about,
Taking as much as you can,
Giving as little as you can.
It is not about,
Pleasing one side only.
Because sometimes,
You are disappointed enough,
And walk away from the situation.
Because sometimes,
You are not sure whether you're doing the right things.
Everything that you take,
Everything that you give.
Value yourself.
Respect yourself.
For the thing that you believe,
For the battle that you fight for.
Until someone will see,
How much you care.

Inside the wood,
Stand still.
Holding the compass.
Which way is true.
Every step,
Leads you to the new crossroad.
Every choice,
Brings you to another choices.
Take a deep breath.
Because sometimes,
You’re stuck in your own mind,
Fight with yourself.
Until you realize,
Some traits can't change and won't be changed.
Throw the compass.
Walk with your faith.
Embrace who you truly are.
Until the sun is rising,
And you are out of the wood.

Kevin AKZ is a young sanguine, melancholic, gentle boy who is not trying to grow up and still naïve enough to keep on believing in his dream, that someday and somehow he can make it happen. This boy believes that love always win. May peace hugs us all.

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