Ruang (Ny)Aman, A Safe Space to Share

Monday, 27 February 2017 - 09:59:20 WIB
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Women in Jakarta can now share their stories – even their deepest, darkest secret – freely without fear of being judged, thanks to a new joint initiative of Ke:kini Ruang Bersama co-working space, Magdalene and The O Project.

Ruang (Ny)Aman (which means a safe and comfortable space) is a monthly gathering during which women can share their stories, and possibly learn a life skill while they’re at it. The first session of Ruang (Ny)Aman took place on February 22 at Ke:kini in Cikini, Central Jakarta. The theme of this first event was “Toxic Relationship,” featuring Wulan Danoekoesoemo, a psychologist and co-founder of sexual violence survivors’ support group Lentera Sintas Indonesia.

During the first part of the event, each of the participants told whatever story they wanted to share, highlighting various issues that has been a concern for them.

“I think this is a good event, and I would definitely come again the next time,” said Atin, one of the participants.

Firliani Purwanti, the author of The “O” Project, said she was pleased with the outcome of the event.

“This event confirms my belief that when people have problems, they tend to feel alone. So, this kind of platform tells them that they are not alone,” she said.

During her talk, Wulan said most people didn’t realize that they were actually in a toxic relationship, which can take forms in emotional blackmailing, verbal abuse, or physical abuse. It is not easy to get out of a toxic relationship, because the person often has to hit rock bottom to finally realize the fact that she or he is in an unhealthy relationship, she said.

“Just wanting to leave a relationship is not enough, however, you have to be really ready. Instead of thinking ‘I’m going to leave him’, that person must already know where she is planning to stay when she leaves, for example, ” said Wulan.

Wulan said the gathering is a luxury to a lot of people, who probably are dying to talk to open up about their problem but fear being judged. She said it would be a good idea to replicate the platform at other places.

Devi Asmarani, the Editor-in-Chief of Magdalene, said: “This is the kind of initiative that Magdalene fully supports, as it is aligned with our mission to engage and empower women.  So we were very delighted when we were approached by Ke:kini and The O Project to collaborate in Ruang (Ny)Aman.”

The event is open for any woman with suggested donation of Rp 50 thousand (less than US$5). The next session will likely take place in the middle of March. Find out on Magdalene’s social media accounts when the event will take place, and what topic will discussed on.

Camely Arta is undergraduate student majoring in Management. She spends way too much of her time binge-watching on Netflix, and takes pleasure in Mexican food occasionally.

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putri | 06 April 2017 | 12:56:05 WIB
hai, acara ini ada lagi kapan ya?
Magdalene | 06 April 2017 | 15:10:32 WIB
@Putri: Untuk bulan ini tgl 26 April.
Shanaz | 13 July 2017 | 18:08:47 WIB
Just discovered ruang (ny)aman and missed so much chance to share my stories to all ladies and experts. Ada kah rencana untuk bikin acara lagi? Thanks before
Camely Arta | 29 July 2017 | 09:10:41 WIB
Hi, @Shanaz! The next event will be discussing the topic of Women and Mental Health. Silahkan follow Magdalene's social media utk info Ruang (Ny)aman selanjutnya. See you!

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