Love and Reflect

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 - 06:45:01 WIB
By : KEVINAKZ | Category: Belles-Lettres - 1489 hits
A sacred word,
Cannot be explained.
Something that I'm able to give it to you,

I know you have flaws.
I know you're imperfect.
But please know this.
I accept everything,

You've been wondering around,
Maybe you're still navigating.
But please notice,
I'm waiting right here,

Don't give up on us,
Don't give up on love.
And please remember this,
I love you,


The mist is whispering above the cold water.
The morning star is peeking behind the black blanket.
The silence of the night is drinking you.
But listen,

The fireflies are dancing around the flame.
The bugs are singing on the rocks.
The distraction of the night is eating you.
But look,

On your knees,
You start to cast a spell.
Until the stream.
Reflect yourself.
You are who you are.

What you see.
What you get.
What you give.
What you take.

Kevin AKZ is a young sanguine, melancholic, gentle boy who is not trying to grow up and still naïve enough to keep on believing in his dream, that someday and somehow he can make it happen. This boy believes that love always win. May peace hugs us all.

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