‘This Is How It Always Is’ Shows Transgender Family’s Struggle

What would you do if your little boy told you that he wants to be a girl when he grows up?

by Frances Danielle January 26, 2021
37 and Feminist: Here’s Why I Don’t Want Kids

At 37, not having a kid is a non-negotiable stance for this feminist.

by Mirisa Hasfaria November 13, 2020
Sex Education Pendidikan Seks_KarinaTungari
No One Size Fits All: The Vulva Gallery

Amsterdam-based illustrator Hilde Atalanta talks to the host of Magdalene’s Ngossek program Susanti Rendra about “The Vulva Project” and early sex education to protect girls from exploitation.

by Susanti Rendra June 12, 2020
"Broken Home" is Obsolete, Here is the Alternative

Changing the term may bring a tremendous shift of mindset, giving more control of your own life while allowing you to be vulnerable.

by Larasati May 12, 2020
Cancer and the Curse of Being Female

Breast cancer runs in her family and may force her to make a tough decision that could affect her career in medicine.

by Gabrielle Kembuan May 6, 2020
Issues // Politics and Society
Dating App Solusi Kemiskinan Waktu Pekerja Rumah Tangga

Dating App menjadi solusi bagi pekerja rumah tangga yang tidak memiliki waktu untuk membina hubungan sosial.

by Andi Cipta Asmawaty September 11, 2019
Parenting Yourself When Your Own Parents Don’t

In the absence of her biological parents, she grew to become her own.

by Intan Kurniati Ningsih September 5, 2019
Rethinking the Semantics (and Other Things) of Divorced Parenthood

Some of the terms associated with and remarks made to divorced families show our society’s perception and treatment of non-traditional forms of family

by Dianthus Saputra September 3, 2019
How My Husband and I Choose the Contraception for Us

It’s a good practice to have a frank discussion with your partner on what contraception most suits your plans as a family.

by Kemala Pratiwi March 22, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Prostitusi dan Hak Seksual

Banyak orang (baca: kaum moralis) mempertanyakan mengapa pekerja seks tidak bisa dipidana.

by Clianta de Santo January 8, 2019