A slanted guide to women and issues.

Magdalene is the fruit of our vision of an online publication that offers fresh perspectives beyond the typical gender and cultural confines. We channel the voices of feminists, pluralists and progressives, or just those who are not afraid to be different, regardless of their genders, colors, or sexual preferences. We aim to engage, not alienate. Magdalene is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Feel free to share your issues here. To get a sense of Magdalene's mission take a look at this article.


Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor
Devi was a print journalist for many years until she realized her digestion system didn't agree with the job. Around the same time, she found yoga and plunged deep into the equally skewed world of mala-beaded "Bobos", whose compulsion to stand on their forearms is as intense as their fixation with extreme detoxing and bowel movement. Her brain didn't agree with all that either. She now divides her time writing articles, column and work of fiction; editing; media consulting; and occassionally teaching people how to be a decent writer.

Hera Diani, Managing Editor
Hera's father tricked her into studying engineering so as not to follow his footstep as a journalist, a job he deemed too tough for girls and financially unrewarding. Upon graduation, however, she found herself ditching the lab coat and moved to the capital to become a newspaper cub reporter. Being a journalist for 15 years now, she no longer blames her father for the miserable time in college, because at least she is good in math, and, boy, was daddy right about money. But she wouldn't trade the job for anything.

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Want to write for us?
We accept submission of writing, photos and videos (or links to videos) from anyone on issues related to women, LGBT, empowerment, tolerance, pluralism and other aspects of a progressive society. Please, no highbrow academic stuff. We appreciate clear, engaging writing; and we prefer self-deprecating wit and understated sophistication to stuffy, patronizing and moralistic rants. Read our articles to see what sort of stuff we publish. We accept both English and Indonesian content, and may translate the piece.  Please keep your writing to 1,000 words or fewer. To submit your work, please click  and read the article below for some tips before you submit your piece. 

Sending your piece to Magdalene 

By Devi Asmarani

1. Write a cover email (generally explaining who you are, and what your piece is about). Doesn't have to be long – five sentences should suffice. But sending an email with a story in the attachment without saying anything is just rude. It's also like sending a package to someone without an accompanying letter or card. I'd probably throw away the package before I open it, because there are too many psychos out there.

2. Use a word file. Please do not copy and paste your piece on your email. It means we have to copy and paste it to a file, name it and yaddayaddayadda. We're busy people here. We're juggling works as it is, please don't give us more unnecessary work.

3. Use a nice and standard font type and size. This editor likes Cambria 12pt (this editor is old-ish, yes, small fonts give her headache and serif distinguishes each letter better). Sans-serifed Calibri or Arial or Helvetica is acceptable (though I still have to change it sometimes), but, please, nothing less than 11 pt and nothing more than 12pt. And, please, don't send your piece in funky or artsy fonts, or in weird formats. Know that your piece will ultimately be published in the same fonts and same format as all the other pieces. You're just giving me more work to reformat your piece, when I'm editing your writing. It's not nice to make me work more.

4.Please attach a short bio at the end of your story. By short, I mean 2-3 sentences, not a three-paragraph mission statement, but neither is it a mini CV.

5. Write in clear, readable and engaging English or Indonesian. Yes, style is nice, but go for readability, go for clarity, go for good, not headache-inducing read.

6. Be yourself. Write in your own voice, the way you would express your thoughts in writing or verbally. Don't write in Jane Austen's or Hunter Thompson's, or your professor's voice. Be yourself, and let the editor do the rest.

Now go write for us!


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