January, 08 2016
8 Tips for Having Sex for the First Time*

Some tips on having sex for the first time, regardless of your gender and orientation.

by Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
So we’ve been getting some questions and articles on virginity, premarital sex and sex education, and we love all of them. Because here in Magdalene, we encourage sex-positive attitude and we embrace healthy sexuality. We also believe that consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and that the notion of virginity is another one of those tools used for ages to repress women.
Which is why we’re bringing you this video from Everyday Feminism about having sex for the first time regardless of your gender or orientation. Vlogger Justin Dennis, a lesbian transwoman, talks about consent, communication, protection – and of course, pleasure in this video.
Take a look at the video below and have fun!

*Originally published on Everyday Feminism.

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