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Aisyah Scopes: April 2018

Brace yourself, folks, April might get a bit turbulent.

  • April 4, 2018
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Aisyah Scopes: April 2018

According to T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land, “April is the cruellest month”. This sounds ominous, and it is not strictly true, as there is no “worst month” of the year in astrology. All months have their ups and downs, but it is fair to say that April will be a little turbulent. The reason for this is that we have a range of positive aspects jostling up against challenging ones which means that one moment we may feel on top of the world and the other we could struggle to work up the enthusiasm for even the simplest of tasks. We also have Mercury Retrograde for half of the month followed by a Scorpio Full Moon which leaves April with a sting in its tail. The key takeaway? This too shall pass…

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Here is how it is all going to go down…

April 15th: Aries New Moon/Mercury goes Direct
There is a lot happening on the 15th of April as we have a New Moon in Aries and Mercury comes out of its retrograde slumber and goes direct. This is a time of fresh starts and is especially good for matters of the heart. The first half of April brings relationship issues for many of us – off the back of the Full Moon in Libra at the end of March – and it could take us a few weeks to sort these out. If that is the case for you, then circle April the 15th as the time to let any negativity go and start anew in your relationship. Communication will also be improved as Mercury is resuming forward motion so this also makes it a good time to get talking. On a different note, this New Moon is also tied to accidents at sea so unfortunately we could see some kind of large scale disaster around this time.

April 29th: Full Moon in Scorpio

The month ends with a Full Moon in Scorpio, which is the sign of the Scorpion. This sign is associated with endings and with sexual relationships. It could be that some unions don’t last once the light of the Full Moon illuminates some skeletons in the closet. If you have been keeping secrets, then they could come out now, so if you have anything to say…then you may just want to confess before this happens. Or make sure your phone is password protected. At the very least. On the world stage, expect more sex scandals around this date, as well as news of affairs, breakups and sexy secrets linked to money and power. 

And now for a look at each individual sign…

Happy Birthday, Aries! This is your month and you probably already love the new Aries weather, which is making you wake up from the slumber caused by the wishy-washy Pisces energy of late. Now it is your turn in the spotlight and you can expect to be front and centre in April. This is good news for your work and also your image, which you have been carefully curating over the past few years. Now you get the chance to put this all into practice and your star is definitely on the rise. One thing to watch out for, however, is temper tantrums and reckless behaviour. You are a little spitfire at the best of times, but with Mercury Retrograde for the first half of the month, be careful what comes out of your mouth!

This month is all about your Twelfth House which rules your secret life or things that happen in the shadows, Taurus. You have a secret, that much is clear, or something that others just don’t see or understand. Maybe you work in a job where you can’t freely talk to others about the information you handle or something similar. This secret however takes up much of the month and you will need to deal with it as best you can. What happens with this secret, whether it is a love affair or something going on in your unconscious mind, has roots through to 2019 and beyond – so if you get this right now, then you will be on a good path for the next few years ahead. Just be careful and take this slow. By May, things with this secret life will be a lot clearer but for now you need to put in some work to untangle the threads. There is also a chance that you have been experiencing lower back pain lately as a result of the Full Moon in Libra so make sure you get enough rest.

For you, Gemini, April is all about your friends, groups and communication. You can’t separate any of these things. Groups could come in the form of community project or sports teams, or you may play in a band or something similar. Now there is a sense that communication is causing issues with friendships and relationships in April, in part thanks to your ruler Mercury being retrograde for much of the month. You need to ask yourself some questions now, which may be tough. How much do you want or need these people in your life? Is it the same thing? If there is so much tension in group settings that you feel you might snap – then it is always best to walk away. You may be surprised how much better you feel in May if you have gotten rid of a toxic friendship or left a group, even an online one, that is only bringing you down. Be brave this month, Gemini! As Mercury is retrograde, however, so you may also want to watch where you walk, as this scrambles your sense of direction and walking into doors and lampposts could be an issue!

In T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, the full opening line is this: “April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain.” It’s almost as if those lines were written for you, Cancer, as you begin April with someone on your mind. They are always there and you can’t get them out of your head – the “memory and desire” that The Wasteland speaks of. It doesn’t help that you also have Mars, Saturn and Pluto – pretty heavy-going planets all of them – in your Seventh House of Love and Relationships. There is some work to do when it comes to relationships or partnerships in April and some knots that you need to untangle. But the good news is that by May things look a lot better, Cancer.

You start the month in a great mood, Leo, thinking about travel and your place in the world. This is linked back to around 2011 and the years that followed, as this was a period of your life that was probably rather turbulent. Maybe you moved to a new country or were introduced to foreign faces that went on to become very significant in your life. Now this is a new cycle that is as important as the last one was and you could be facing more issues about moving, travelling or just embarking on a new journey in your life that may take you in a completely new direction to the one you are travelling in now. The key is to learn from the past. What worked and what didn’t? That will help you to make some good decisions about the future at the end of April. Just don’t make any big moves or commit to anything before Mercury goes direct on the 15th.

The time has come, Virgo, for you to get ready for a new financial future. By 2019 money matters will look completely different for you, which is probably music to your ears after a tough cycle that started in 2011. Now you get the chance to take a deep dive into your finances, but this is probably also linked to the people around you. There is a sense that others have not helped your financial situation and this is now the chance for you to make some changes. This is about the end of a cycle for you so there are big shifts going on when it comes to how you share money with others and how you make or save more money yourself as a result. The good news for you is that while April may be a turbulent time for you as your sort through all of this – it is the start of a great new financial beginning.

April is all about love for you, Libra, and the start of something new. There is a sense now that you have to decide if you are in or if you are out with this relationship that is so precious to you. It is also the start of a new phase of your life that started in 2011 and comes to an end now. And of course that also means a new beginning. If you have been floating along on a cloud of dreams when it comes to one relationship – or just skating by and keeping the peace – then now you need to make some decisions. Whatever you choose now lasts for years and you have hopefully learned some lessons along the way that will help you to get this right. The universe is rooting for you, Libra, but you also need to do the work and make sure that you don’t mess this one up. If you are experiencing lower back pain this month then blame the Full Moon in Libra at the end of last month and get it checked out!

For the last few years, since 2011 at least, you have made huge strides forward in your career. Maybe you started your own business which gave you more financial and creative independence than you ever dreamed of. Now however we come to a new cycle and there is sense that what worked in the past when it came to your career is no longer where your heart truly lies. This could cause you some tension, if your work is closely tied to a sense of duty to others who are all part of the team. But if you don’t want to continue down this road, then this is the month when it all comes to a head. If a career change is on the horizon, and has been for some time, then this is the moment to make it happen. Even if it means a tough break from the past. There is also a risk of injuries this month either for you or those around you, so make sure you take care of your health.

There is something in your work life now that is sparkling in front of you, Sagittarius. This is likely to be something that you invented from scratch – ever the keen inventor. Now there is so much promise attached to your work life or your creation, particularly if it is linked to a generation below you, or if it is related to your role as a mentor or a life coach. There is a sense in your chart that you have so much to teach others around you and it seems that your work life is the way to achieve this. The good news is that this could also be about a new relationship with someone younger than you who also brings a new way of thinking and living life your way. There is so much promise in this cycle for you, Sagittarius, and you can really decide how you want the future to look in April. So give it some serious thought and then go for it.

You are starting a new cycle, Capricorn, and this is one that focuses on your home, your country, your nationality and your sense of self. It is also about your place in the world and where you truly see your home. It could be that there is a lot of change going on around you which could make you feel as if you have lost your persona as the sure-footed Mountain Goat. You went through a cycle similar to this one in 2011, so this change is nothing that you can’t handle. You can and you will handle it, and it will mean that you have a much clearer picture about where you belong and who you are once April comes to a close. Then you can get on with enjoying your home life in ways that you may have missed for many years now. It is exciting if you can weather the storm that comes first, Capricorn.

Aquarius is known as the inventor of the zodiac signs and it is fair to say that you have done your fair share of invention over the years. Now however it is all change again and this is linked to social media, websites and publishing. You are looking at a new way of doing things now as it could be that the old way of doing things just truly wasn’t working for you, Aquarius. Now you get the chance to make some decisions in April that partly change the course of your life for some years to come and if that is the case then it could also make you feel a little ill at ease. But if the old way of doing things online or in your work life isn’t…well…working, then know that you are doing the right thing now. This is the start of a fresh new chapter and you are the one writing the new rules.

If you are a typical Pisces then you probably work for yourself. You may also work on something that you created that allows you a sense of freedom that others – chained to their desks – can only dream of. But now it seems that there is something that needs to change and it could be linked to finance and work. If you work online then this could be the time when you look at experimenting with a new payment method like Stripe or Bitcoin and this could revolutionise the way your business grows in the future. But this means big decisions in April which you need to take seriously. On an unrelated note, Pisces rules the feet and there is a risk of a foot injury in your chart this month caused by falling into a pothole on the street or tripping over a tree root. Watch where you walk!

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