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October 06, 2015

AsmaraKu.com, Your One-Stop Solution for All Romantic Needs

This online shop provides all your romantic needs with very discreet and innovative payment and delivery systems. Rekindle that spark now, and visit AsmaraKu.com.

by AsmaraKu

When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach with your partner? Sure, things were all fun and rosy in the first few months, but how long do they last? Without a doubt, intimacy is a key ingredient to keeping that fire alive in any romantic relationship, but how do Indonesians discover and learn about romance?
In a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, intimacy is still considered a taboo. Its conservative society calls for a revolutionary way to learn, discover and purchase romantic needs. It is a need, however taboo it is, that needs to be fulfilled. 
Imagine a husband who wants to give a romantic surprise to his wife (brownie points for the husband, which woman doesn’t like surprise ;p). First things first, go to flower shop and order a bouquet of flower; next, chocolate, please, to sweeten the night. And then comes the most dreadful moment – picking the perfect lingerie and purchasing some condoms and lubes to boot. The offline experience of purchasing these romantic products are so inconvenient and embarrassing that the husband may choose to abandon the plan altogether. At the end of the day, you may have a frustrated husband and a disappointed wife.
Now imagine a world with AsmaraKu.com, a romantic online portal that gives the husband tips on creating romantic nights and complete assortment to surprise his wife. Flower – check! Chocolate – check! Lingerie – check! Condoms and lubes - check! What a wonderful world lalala J
AsmaraKu.com is the first and the biggest romantic online commerce in Indonesia that focuses on customers’ privacy, trusted products with best prices, and online to offline (O2O) innovation.

Your Privacy, AsmaraKu’s Priority
AsmaraKu understands that the majority of Indonesians are still reluctant to express their personal romantic needs publicly, which is why privacy is its utmost priority. AsmaraKu nails it through mobile-optimized website for smaller screen hence more private viewing and discreet packaging with double layer and plain boxes. Payment is also made to our legal corporation name just in case your wife checks on your credit card statement and ruins your romantic surprise J
Trusted Romantic Products with Best Prices
AsmaraKu works directly with all the brand principals, ensuring product authenticity, best prices, and most accurate and complete product knowledge. These information are shared with the customers through extensive product description and brand information, educating customers via blog and product information. AsmaraKu verifies each product’s license to make sure they are safe to be used or consumed.
Online to Offline (O2O) Innovation (Buy Online, Self-pickup at Seven Eleven/Mall/Office/Train Station near you)
For those of you who are still too embarrassed to have your AsmaraKu purchases delivered right to your doorstep, AsmaraKu provides yet another innovative O2O solution where you can pick up the packages at your nearest Seven Eleven, shopping malls, office building, and train stations near you. Of course these packages are securely stored in special lockers, which can only be opened with a unique code sent to your cellphone. The first in Indonesia to offer this service, you don’t have to worry anymore if your co-worker or in-laws accidentally open your packages.
For those of you who dread the slow delivery of online shopping, AsmaraKu offers a same-day delivery service (even within 3 hours within Jakarta) to have your packages delivered. AsmaraKu’s most recent successful campaign, called Love Delivery garnered significant positive feedback from the customers and hence is here to stay to continue providing fast delivery option for those of you who needs it at a lightning speed. No more angry partners because you forgot to get him/her that special something, AsmaraKu comes to the rescue!
Don’t wait any longer to rekindle that butterfly! Check out www.AsmaraKu.com and find your way back into love!
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