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August 21, 2015

Blog Pokes Fun at Science of Parenting

A satire blog makes parenting fun to laugh at.

by Aqila Putri

It is a given fact that parenthood is no walk in the park. Just the idea of raising a human being itself can be terrifying – someone’s life is in your hands! The abundance of resources available might give parents conflicting suggestions, all claiming to be the best for children.
Naturally, to validate these advices, parents resort to scientific researches conducted by big university names. For these parents, crosschecking facts with scientific studies has turned into a sport.
The blog Mom News Daily – with the tagline “breaking news for female parents” pokes fun at this obsession with scientific research-backed facts. Adopting the style of popular satire news site, The Onion, Mom News Daily publishes articles that start out like a legitimate news report, but with comical or farcical twists.
One article tells the story of a grown man who ponders his mother’s decision to give him formula milk when he was a baby; another recounts the relationship between a child going up a slide and the future repercussion of the child committing murders. And breaking news of the day: a kid who waits patiently for dinner instead of throwing tantrums.
Surprisingly, the irony-drenched satire is lost on many of the website’s readers who seem to believe the articles were legit.  An article about mothers taking back birthday gifts, because the host did not prepare goodie bags attracted 40 comments, some claiming they can relate to the story because they have had first-hand experience of it. The irony, of course, is that their appreciation is not based on their failures to to understand the satire, instead the article rang true to them because they have similar experience.  

Parenthood is no laughing matter, but this website is a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. And, maybe, just enjoy the ride? Now onto more bellyaching laughter…. www.momnewsdaily.com
Aqila Putri is a sophomore studying at Wesleyan University, trying to pursue her degree in Economics and International Relations. Her daydreams consist of owning a bakery and a kitchen like Gordon Ramsay's. Hit her up at @aqilalistya to talk about food, cat, and social justice.