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October 14, 2014

Feminism Crash Course - At a Cost

Why is it feminism not humanism or "equalism"? This woman will give you the answer - for a price.

by Magdalene

Are you a man with burning questions about feminism? Do you wonder why is it “feminism” and not “humanism” or ”equalism”? Or whether all feminists are lesbians and why they hate sex/humor/fun? Perhaps you wonder when a rape joke is okay. ‘Oh, stop censoring my edgy humor!’ you said.
Don’t let your mind boggle any longer. Visit The Womansplainer and Elizabeth Simins would be happy to educate you about feminism, for a very low starting rate of US$20. Yes, there’s no such thing as free lunch, my confused male friends.
This site offers three basic services: Googling ($20), talking on Twitter ($50) and talking on Twitter but for longer ($100). People can choose their prices tier and then pick their question, including the aforementioned ones.

Simins, an artist who calls herself a “misandrist and noted Illuminati ringleader”, said she created the tongue-in-cheek site as a resource for “men who have better things to do than educate themselves about feminism.”
Womansplainer also mock “mansplaining”, or the male habit of patronizingly delivering information, while assuming complete ignorance on the part of the female listener.

It looks cheeky, but Simins said she’s serious about the service and would be willing to talk if people pay.
Apart from Womansplainer, Simins also created Ain’t No Such A Thing As Misogyny, a zine she made in response to a spate of blog comments claiming that because there are a few sexy male characters in videogames, misogyny in games isn't a thing.

The zine consists of paintings of patriarchy-smashing male objectification, featuring characters from five different game series.