Women Lead Pendidikan Seks
May 15, 2015

Say 'No' to Sexual Violence

Have you been sexually abused? Find out in this video how to tell and what to do if you've been sexually abused.

by Magdalene

Dating abuse, as we reported in our article, is a silent phenomenon in Indonesia. It is rarely spoken about as many often choose to turn a blind’s eye to abuses occurring right in their face.
In 2014 National Commission for the Protection of Women (Komnas Perempuan) received 800 reports of abuses of women in personal realm, and 59 percent of them occurred in marriages, 21 percent in dating relationship and 20 percent of children.
This staggering statistic and situation prompted women’s organization Kalyanamitra to launch a short animation to educate teenagers on dating abuse. Launched in February 2015, entitled “The Story of Mela & Miko,” the film provides a learning tool for public to understand the types of sexual violence and how women have the full rights over their body.
The story kicks off with how Mela and Miko find each other on Facebook and fall for each other. Unfortunately, the relationship progresses to sexual harassment and even rape.
The production maybe too simple and the script too wordy, with outdated lingo, but it is a good start to reach out to teenagers, making them aware that sexual violence exists and is often perpetrated by the people closest to them. It also asks teenagers not to stay silent when they find themselves in that situation.