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September 13, 2019

Self-Appreciation Days

How do you tell yourself “I love you”?

by Emiliana Natassja

From Monday to Friday I wear sports bra at 12PM,

My bloated belly and flat chest out.

Dancing on pink matrass while Steinfeld’s Love Myself plays.

Monday to Friday are self-appreciation days,

Saturday and Sundays are rest and-self appreciation days.

Swift’s Lover album on replay.

Proposed myself while Paper Ring played.

Ordered myself a pizza or maybe two

And then tell myself I love you.

Oh, now Morissette’s Ironic is playing.

Life’s an irony, but who says we can’t dance

On rainy days when we’re inside.

But today is a sunny day, see?

Enjoy while it lasts.

Tomorrow might be raining but pour a cup of chamomile tea

and maybe two spoons of honey,

Play Swift’s Lover and just close your eyes,

Feel the sweetness of love that really exist.

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Illustration by Adhitya Pattisahusiwa

Emiliana Natassja is a cake maker in hibernation.