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March 14, 2014

Smart Girls Do Funny

This online community co-created by American actress and comedian Amy Poehler empowers young women with a dash of wry humor.

by Karima Anjani

Smart Girls is not a television teen drama in the nature of the glossy, glamour-soaked Gossip Girls. It’s the title of Amy Poehler’s website.
The American actress and comedian who is best known as a cast-member on Saturday Night Live, Amy and her two best friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles teamed up to create an online community that empowers young women to have a sense of self-worth and individuality through videos, blog articles, YouTube channel, and Twitter (@smartgrls), even Pinterest.
In “Ask Amy,” she answers submitted questions in simple intimate videos without being boring or preachy. Responding like a big sister, she brings a wry humor to the conversations.
The other videos – “Smart Girls At The Party,” “Girls of the Worlds,” “Operation Nice” – adopts the theme of celebrating inspirational individuals who are changing the world by being themselves. The great thing is you would never guess who would be on the show, one day it could be an average yet passionate pre-teen girl, the next day it features a movie star, a political figure or a well known author. The lack of distinctive formula or patterns makes it all the more intriguing.
Perhaps, it’s the lack of a sense of vanity that makes it slicker and more fun to watch. The interviewees’ drive and commitment would be enough to make you feel motivated to run or cook, well at least once. Adding to the fun, each episode always ends up with a group of dance party.
 “Smart Girls” is highly recommended. Watch its videos on YouTube channel. Oh, and boys get their turns too, even if only for a minute.

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