Women Lead Pendidikan Seks
November 13, 2014

Voices of Magdalene

Our week-long #voicesofmagdalene campaign that concludes today aims at getting people to embrace their individuality, their uniqueness and their complexities, and to respect the differences in others.

by Magdalene

The main reason we founded Magdalene is that we believe there are voices that we don’t hear enough in the mainstream media. These voices are often drowned out or muffled because they are unpopular. 
They are the voices of women and men who are underrepresented; of those who don’t play by the rule; of those who love people they are not supposed to; of those who choose to live unconventional lives; or those who are happy to live a life of tradition.
At Magdalene, we believe that these voices deserve to be heard. So, we opted to be a media that channels the voice of feminists, pluralists and progressives, and offers fresh perspective beyond the gender and cultural confines. We are a niche website, but we hope to reach out to more people.
Today, as Magdalene celebrates our first anniversary, we want to honor these voices by creating a social media campaign that consists of memes with positive and bold messages that we believe represent our readers.
Every day for one week leading up to today, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we churned out memes that people can use as profile picture or cover photo on their pages, using the hashtag #voicesofmagdalene.

While there is no sign that the hashtag would be trending, that is not our greatest concern (although it would be nice, so do share J). But through these pictures, we want to show you that there should be more to Internet than the click baiting, trend whoring, hashtag-abusing online content.

All illustrations by Adhitya Pattisahusiwa. Find him on Twitter @adhityaps.