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January 16, 2014

Why Can't They 'Un-Gay'? The Straight Answers to Stupid Questions

Is homosexuality not in line with Indian culture? This Bollywood hunk begs to differ. Watch this funny video of Imran Khan answering stupid questions about gay people.

by Magdalene
Gayask Thumbnail 62, Magdalene

As fag hags (women who befriend gay men), we are often at the receiving end of questions that straight people ask about our fabulous gay friends or homosexuality in general.
“Are they really born with it? Isn’t it just a lifestyle they choose?”
“Which one’s the guy and which one’s the girl in that relationship?”
 “He’s gay? But he’s married!”
Frankly, it’s tiresome. So we can totally relate when we watched this brilliant YouTube video of Bollywood star Imran Khan addressing this issue.
Khan appeared in a mock TV show answering questions that range from the naïve, offensive to the absurd (how do the gays take their coffee?) in the video.

Produced by the comedy group All India Backhod (Hindi for trash talker), it is a response to the country’s Supreme Court’s recent decision to recriminalize homosexual acts.
Feigning annoyance, Khan, who is himself heterosexual and married, gave satirical answers with a healthy dose of sarcasm to address the queries.
Our favorite: When a statement came up about how homosexuality is not in line with the Indian culture, he talked about the “wonderful things” that persist in Indian culture, such as the tradition of dowry, the caste system and female infanticide.
The video concludes with the line “Ignorance is choice.” Published on Dec. 25, it had been viewed over 408,000 times as of Jan. 16.