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Now that GoT is over, Go See the Real Gem that is “Big Little Lies”

Big Little Lies manages to talk about violence against women in a way that GoT has never been able to do right: by focusing the story on the women.

by Binky Bee May 29, 2019
Culture // Screen Raves
Arya Stark: Pesona Seksual Sangat Kuat Tapi Juga Bahayakan Laki-laki

Pembunuh perempuan yang kuat dan agresif mendapat sorotan lebih dalam budaya media modern, tapi karakter mereka cenderung diseksualisasi.

by Natasha Hodgson May 13, 2019
Why Russian Doll Is the Best Thing on Netflix Right Now

Part sci-fi, part comedy/drama and part mystery, Russian Doll excels because it knows exactly what story it wants to tell and how to tell it.

by Binky Bee March 15, 2019