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Now that GoT is over, Go See the Real Gem that is “Big Little Lies”

Big Little Lies manages to talk about violence against women in a way that GoT has never been able to do right: by focusing the story on the women.

by Binky Bee May 29, 2019
Culture // Screen Raves
Arya Stark: Sangat Kuat Pesona Seksualnya tapi juga Membahayakan Laki-laki

Pembunuh perempuan yang kuat dan agresif mendapat sorotan lebih dalam budaya media modern, tapi karakter mereka cenderung diseksualisasi.

by Natasha Hodgson May 13, 2019
Culture // Screen Raves
Why Russian Doll Is the Best Thing on Netflix Right Now

Part sci-fi, part comedy/drama and part mystery, Russian Doll excels because it knows exactly what story it wants to tell and how to tell it.

by Binky Bee March 15, 2019