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Comment Policy

We created Magdalene to provide a platform and a safe space for conversations on issues that matter. Our aim is “to engage, not alienate” our readers, which is why we love to hear your feedbacks, commentaries and critiques on our articles, videos and podcasts.

We encourage a productive, meaningful and sincere discussion and, as much as we can, we leave the comment section free with minimal moderation. However, we draw the line when it comes to spiteful and demeaning comments.

Generally, when it comes to moderating the comment section, we go by these simple guidelines:

We do not tolerate personal attacks (whether on the authors or other commenters), relentless trolling and abuse. This means any comments that are offensive or threatening will be immediately removed.

Any comment that potentially contain libelous or defamatory content, or anything that is potentially a breach of copyright will be removed.
Commercial content that are masked as comments or any “spammy” content will be definitely deleted.

Because of limited human resources, we may not be able to constantly keep an eye on the comment sections, so if you notice inappropriate, offensive or abusive comments on our website, you can notify us at [email protected] If the comments are found on our Facebook page, you can click the “Report to Facebook” link that appears on each comment. You can do the same when you find these comments on our Twitter posts or Instagram.