About Us
A Slanted Guide to Women and Issues.

MAGDALENE is a fruit of our vision of an online publication that offers fresh perspectives beyond the typical gender and cultural confines. We channel the voices of feminists, pluralists and progressives, or just those who are not afraid to be different. We aim to engage, not alienate.

Magdalene is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Feel free to share your issues here.

Want to write for us?

We accept submission of writing, photos and videos (or links to videos) from anyone on issues related to women, minority groups, empowerment, tolerance, pluralism and other aspects of a progressive society. You can write about anything, from politics, social issues, religion, sexuality, to pop culture. Please, no highbrow academic stuff. We appreciate clear, engaging writing; and we prefer self-deprecating wit and understated sophistication to stuffy, patronizing and moralistic rants. We also accept work of short fiction and poetry.

Read our articles to see what sort of stuff we publish. We accept both English and Indonesian content, and may translate the piece. Please keep your writing to 1,000 words or fewer. To submit your work please click the button below. Read some tips before you submit your piece.

Meet Our Team

Magdalene is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We have one of the most inclusive and diverse teams in our small but growing newsroom.

Devi Asmarani
Hera Diani
Managing Editor