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Julia Suryakusuma on Mother, Motherhood, and Ibuism

Author and feminist activist Julia Suryakusuma shares the experiences that shaped her to become a feminist, her mother, as well as the tough choices she had to face as a mother.

by Patresia Kirnandita, Junior Editor September 15, 2020
Growing Mature Glasses 14 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Women Less Likely to Critique Men’s Research in Academic Journals

If women are less likely to comment academic works, they could be excluded from or marginalized in important scholarly debates and networks.

by Cary Wu, Rima Wilkes, and Sylvia Fuller September 9, 2020
Toxic Relationship_KarinaTungari
Seeing Through the Cracks

She hates that she never left him. But most of all, she hates that she could not see him as the villain he was supposed to be.

by Tasya Taranusyura September 7, 2020
BTS and ARMY: Dismantling Western Hegemony, Breaking Stereotypes

BTS and ARMY are not just about musicians and their fans. They work together to dismantle Western music hegemony and the tiresome stereotype of hysterical fangirls.

by Tabayyun Pasinringi, Reporter September 3, 2020
Self-Actualization is Important to Me – But My Mom Does Not Understand It

Faced with a possible job loss, she was told that she would be without financial worries, while having time to take care of her child, but this failed to comfort her.

by Ivany Atina Arbi September 2, 2020
The Cure for Everything

A man contemplates how his terminal illness has cured him of a lot of things and brings him closer to his family.

by Rizal Iwan September 1, 2020
Why Do Men Find It so Hard to Apologize?

Studies show there are gender differences when it comes to apologizing: if women tend to apologize too much, men don’t apologize enough.

by Julia Suryakusuma, Columnist August 31, 2020
Anti-Imperialism and Cultural Representation Behind Avatar: The Last Airbender

Despite being targeted for children, the 2005 animated series that is now on Netflix dispenses the danger of imperialism, while showing depths and lessons for grownups alike.

by Tabayyun Pasinringi, Reporter August 26, 2020
Had I Known, I Would Never Have Accepted the Role of a Token Gay Friend

To what extent are you willing to be the “doll” of friends who only want to show you off as their gay best friend, while continuing to denigrate you with subtle homophobic comments?

by Christopher Immanuel August 25, 2020
9 Must-Read Manga with House Husband Characters

These Japanese manga series are varied in themes but all tell stories that break down social barriers and prejudice when it comes to fatherhood.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter August 13, 2020