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What I've Learned from Slowing Down in The Time of Corona

From never taking handwashing for granted again to dealing with family and business-related stress, our Editor-in-Chief talks about life in the time of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

by Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor March 27, 2020
Why My Chinese Mother Favors Sons over Daughters

I feel as if I was failing her in every aspect only because I was born with a vagina, not a penis.

by Natasha Wahyudihardjo March 26, 2020
Social Distancing? It’s a Lifetime Pathway for Queers Like Me

We know how to stay away from all the viruses in life: patriarchy, toxic masculinity, stigma and prejudice, hatred and stereotypes.

by Amar Alfikar March 24, 2020
Japan’s Aging Population Means More Elderly and Migrant Workers in Job Market

As Japan struggles with labor shortage caused by an aging population, it relies on senior citizens as well as migrant workers.

by Daniel Awigra March 19, 2020
Expectation of Beauty, Not Vanity, is What’s Toxic

There’s a line that needs to be drawn between society’s (toxic) expectation of beauty, and expressing one’s own beauty.

by Gabriele Kembuan March 18, 2020
Fear of Being a Housewife

Would people be as supportive of her decision to quit her job to join her husband abroad, if she were a man who chose being unemployed to be with his wife?

by Askarina Bintari March 17, 2020
Membaca Buku Perempuan Literasi_SarahArifin
I Thought I Was a Feminist, Until I Checked My Bookshelves

Why it matters to read as many books written by women as those by men.

by Devyta Wijaya March 17, 2020
Women and Their Ambitions

While having ambitions connotes having a purpose, being ambitious often get associated with being ruthless.

by Mutiara Alam March 13, 2020
Top 5 Reasons Why We Need More Series Like 'High Fidelity'

By making Rob a woman, the series makes a statement that a woman can thrive even in a historically masculine space.

by Binky Bee March 12, 2020
An Imagination of Heteronormative Futurity

Regardless of the intention, the threat toward queer futurity would be an unintended consequence of the solidification of a religious/punitive governance.

by Agnia Sambara March 11, 2020