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Women are Better at Statistics than They Think

A number of studies have shown that from an early age, boys and girls learn math equally well.

by Jonathan B. Santo and Kelly Rhea MacArthur August 3, 2022
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New Data: Climate Change Is Intensifying the Water Cycle, More Flooding

Studies by scientists around the world show that the water cycle has been intensifying and will continue to intensify as the planet warms.

by Mathew Barlow August 3, 2022
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If Only It Had a Different Ending: Breaking the Stigma on Abortion

Her experience of having to get safe abortion overseas makes her rethink how a movie should treat the way it deals with teen pregnancy.

by Makayla Haleigh July 28, 2022
Food Expiration Dates Don’t Have Much Science behind Them

A food safety researcher explains another way to know what’s too old to eat.

by Jill Roberts July 27, 2022
Happy Twosday! Why Numbers like 2/22/22 Have Been Too Fascinating
You Really Can Die of Sadness and Also Happiness: Takotsubo Syndrome Explained

Though it's extremely unlikely, you can die of a broken heart. More recently, scientists have discovered that you can also die of an excess of happiness.

by Adam Taylor July 21, 2022
Why Does Love Feel Magical? It’s An Evolutionary Advantage

Romantic love can be all-consuming and seems to be a human universal across time and societies. Why?

by Benjamin Kaveladze, Jonathan Schooler, Santa Barbara, dan Oliver Sng July 20, 2022
Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe’s Killing: The History of Political Violence in Japan

As the numbers show, gun crime is rare in Japan so political violence is shocking and extreme.

by Hugo Dobson and Kristian Magnus Hauken July 11, 2022
Parenting Lesson from My Anti-Mainstream Mom

My late mom’s laissez-faires parenting might be unconventional, but it helped me grew into my own and made us bestfriends for life—which is more than most parents can ask for.

by Grace Wiroreno July 6, 2022
Crypto Queen or Girlboss? How the Crypto-Hype Empowers (Privileged) Women

“Tired of listening to ‘crypto bros’ mansplaining about cryptocurrency and reaping most of the economy? Then, it’s time for us girls to take over the crypto world and grab that bag!”

by Rizka Khairunissa Herdiani June 29, 2022
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Roe Overturned: What You Need to Know about the Supreme Court Abortion Decision

After half a century, Americans’ constitutional right to get an abortion has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

by Linda C. McClain, June 27, 2022