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'Bridgerton': The Soapy, Corny, Horny Romantic Hero That Saves 2020

Netflix series Bridgerton offers the perfect antidote, the great escape from the horrible, no-good, anxiety-inducing year that was 2020.

by Grace Wiroreno January 13, 2021
Cerai_Broken Home_KarinaTungari
How I Escaped from My Toxic Marriage After 9 Years

As the lockdown COVID-19 pandemics intensified the abuses, she finally gained the courage to walk out of her toxic marriage after nine years.

by Josephine Phoenix January 7, 2021
What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Mental Illness

With most people suffering one way or the other, there is greater understanding and acceptance of mental illness. Still, some important things remain unsaid.

by Grace Wiroreno January 4, 2021
Mental Health_Depression_Anxiety_SarahArifin
Boxing Day Tsunami Story: My Struggle to Heal

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Aceh took her father and siblings, and 16 years later she still hasn’t healed.

by Mirisa Hasfaria December 27, 2020
A Reflection on (No) Marriage in My 30s

From having to fending off people’s intrusive comments on my single status, to surviving a broken heart, here’s my reflection on the idea of marriage.

by Ruby Astari December 16, 2020
Unrespected at Home: A Migrant Worker’s Woe

Indonesians working as domestic helpers overseas continue to be discriminated and looked down upon by their own compatriots.

by Ran December 16, 2020
A Minor Prophecy

Don’t worry darling, you will get to the shore.

by Tasya Taranusyura November 24, 2020
#OscarForImpetigore: Getting Oscar Nomination for “Impetigore”

The Oscar race is not just about the quality of a film; it’s also about marketing battle. With the right buzz, Joko Anwar’s Impetigore may have a chance to land an Oscar nomination.

by Reza Mardian November 18, 2020
37 and Feminist: Here’s Why I Don’t Want Kids

At 37, not having a kid is a non-negotiable stance for this feminist.

by Mirisa Hasfaria November 13, 2020
K-drama ‘VIP’ Portrays Challenges Career Women Face in Patriarchal Society

Korean drama ‘VIP’ reflects a patriarchal society in which career women still get the short end of the stick.

by Sheramanda R November 13, 2020