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#OscarForImpetigore: Getting Oscar Nomination for “Impetigore”

The Oscar race is not just about the quality of a film; it’s also about marketing battle. With the right buzz, Joko Anwar’s Impetigore may have a chance to land an Oscar nomination.

by Reza Mardian November 18, 2020
37 and Feminist: Here’s Why I Don’t Want Kids

At 37, not having a kid is a non-negotiable stance for this feminist.

by Mirisa Hasfaria November 13, 2020
K-drama ‘VIP’ Portrays Challenges Career Women Face in Patriarchal Society

Korean drama ‘VIP’ reflects a patriarchal society in which career women still get the short end of the stick.

by Sheramanda R November 13, 2020
Lesbian LBQ QueerWomen_Karina Tungari
Religious Trauma Drives Me, A Queer Girl, Away from God

After growing up confused by the seemingly contradictive teaching of religion, she decided to leave the faith, but the trauma remains.

by Amy November 12, 2020
On My Sleeve

I don’t wear my depression on my sleeve

by Adagio Carter Oh November 3, 2020
Mulan, Me, and The Sociopathy of Patriarchy

Mulan is a fictional character but her story reflects countless women who played an important role in history and were made invisible.

by Julia Suryakusuma, Columnist November 2, 2020
Let’s Not Talk about Sex: Insights into How Parents Talk to Their Teens

Sex education for teenagers requires open communication between parents and adolescents to promote positive relationships and safe sex.

by Beatrice Maina, Boniface Ushie, and Caroline Kabiru October 23, 2020
Fat Comment 46 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Why You Should Stop Making Fat Jokes during Pandemic

Fearmongering and weight shaming during self-quarantine could be more harmful to some people than the weight gain itself.

by Dini Respati October 13, 2020
Balinese Writer on Theatre, Community and Decolonizing English Literature

Balinese dramatist Sonia Piscayanti talks about how doing theatre allow her to give voices to the unheard, as she continues to contribute to society through the academia.

by Sanne Breimer October 8, 2020
Stuck in Diaspora: Where You From

How the simple question “Where you from” can perpetuate the feeling of alienation and otherness.

by Devika October 7, 2020