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stereotype_peran_gender_biner_heteronormatif_Sarah Arifin
How I Counter Gender Stereotyping Among My Students at School

Fighting sexism and gender stereotyping starts at school, and teachers can play an important role.

by Khairunissa July 7, 2020
Fundamental Attribution Error: Lessons I Learned After Being Attacked by Netizen

Attacking someone because they don’t share a similar point of view is becoming more common lately and partly amplified by internet anonymity.

by Ernestine Oktaviana June 25, 2020
Membaca Buku Perempuan Literasi_SarahArifin
Smart But Stupid? Time to Develop Your EQ

Is it possible for someone to be smart but at the same time stupid?

by Julia Suryakusuma June 24, 2020
So Long, Japan, Land of Corporate Warriors: A Working Mom’s Story

She used to believe gender equality existed in Japan – until she gave birth to her first child.

by Haru June 23, 2020
Auto Immune 72 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Researchers Should Have Been Studying Immune System Sex Differences Years Ago

When it comes to being included in scientific research, it is mostly males who have been studied.

by Adam Moeser June 22, 2020
Was Aisyah a Feminist?

Denying Aisyah, Prophet Muhammad’s wife, as a feminist inspiration are unhistorical.

by Lies Marcoes June 18, 2020
Dear My 17-yo Self, Love Yourself and Hang in There!

A love letter to a younger self, when life as a queer teen was turbulent, confusing and often lonely.

by Bloom June 16, 2020
Depression in Academia

The academia is not this fantasy land of curiosity and knowledge. It has its own power structure left by the colonial powers, patriarchal tradition, and the predominant North institution standards.

by Habibah Hasnah Hermanadi June 12, 2020
'Stargirl' Evokes the Years I was A Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wanna-be

After 20 years, she realized that her favourite Manic Pixie Dream Girl character in the movie Stargirl had moulded her into the girl she was.

by Masithoh Azzahro Lutfiasari June 10, 2020
Puasa_Beda Agama_KarinaTungari
Like Many, I Secretly Eat Every Ramadan

Though he still considers himself a faithful Muslim, he has stopped fasting after questioning the essence of Ramadan.

by Rio Tuasikal June 4, 2020