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January 24, 2014

A Year Without God

An ordained minister is giving up Christianity to live as an atheist for a year.

by Magdalene

What happens when a man of God decides to give up his creator for a year?
After serving for 22 years, former pastor Ryan Bell felt he and the church no longer saw eye to eye, having become disillusioned with some of its teachings, among them its treatments of the homosexuals and women, and its approach to evangelism.
So he decided to drop Christianity and live without God for a year. He said that if God does exist, he hopes God will not be too bewildered by his experiment.
Bell’s path has set a controversy within the religious as well as atheists communities, with some calling him a fake and accusing his undertaking as a publicity stunt.
”I agree that I cannot ‘try on’ atheism exactly,” Bell, 42, wrote in his blog.  
“What I am attempting is to see the world from without the interpretive framework that I have had and which has slowly changed and proved insufficient over time.”
“My exploration is more confessional, perhaps, but at the end of the day, I am still crossing a line to see the world from a different point.”

He regularly share his experience on his http://yearwithoutgod.com/ blog. Check out an interview with him below.