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September 02, 2016

Marriage? No, Thanks, Say Some Indonesian Women

A quarter of Indonesian women don't want marriage, a survey shows.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari

A recent survey shows that not all Indonesian women aspire to get married for a variety of reasons. The independent survey was conducted by Tirto.id, a new Indonesian online publication, to find out Indonesian women’s attitude towards marriage.
Out of a total of 868 women respondents, three-fourth said they wanted marriage, while the remaining quarter said they didn’t.
Respondents range from 17 to 41 years old. The highest number of respondents are from Jakarta (34.2 percent), followed by Yogyakarta (8.8 percent), Surabaya (6.6 percent), Bandung (6.3 percent) and Semarang (3.6 percent).
Notably, a lack of interest in marriage is the leading reason of why some women prefer to stay single. Some women also believe that marriage will only add life problems (17 percent), as well as hinder their career (16 percent). Additionally, marriage doesn’t fit those who are not ready for commitment (13 percent) and those who enjoy being single (11 percent).
Marriage also seems to lose its appeal for many women who don’t want to have children, who have relationship trauma, and those who simply enjoy living together. Finally, being LGBT (4 percent) also prevents women from marriage because same-sex marriage is not recognized in Indonesia.

How about you? Do you want marriage?
*Read the survey in detail here

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