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June 02, 2016

The Ironies in Some Arguments Against LGBT

Homosexuality is a foreign import, a godless act and a moral relapse? How easy it is to debunk these arguments.

by Putri Widi Saraswati

Conversations on LGBT(IQ) on social media in Indonesia can get downright boring to me. It’s because every single debate, no matter how logical, how scientific, or how humane you try to be, you always end up feeling like you’re throwing yourself against the wall over and over again. This wall is built on the basis of morality and God, emboldened by a holier-than-thou attitude. Some of them is actually so ridiculous, they’re funny. Here are seven ironies when it comes to Indonesians’ perspective and attitude on homosexuality: .

  1. We say we believe in God but we hate God’s creations

I am a believer. I believe that God is love. Love God and love the people – those are the most important rules from God. The first isn’t more important than the second. But many people do harmful things to others in the name of God. They kick people out of their own houses, they perpetrate acts of terrorism, they take away other people’s basic rights to beliefs, they discriminate, and they do all kinds of physical/verbal/mental abuses in the name of God. Maybe they just got the memo that they’re God’s personal assistants? Or do they believe that’s how God loves – choosing some and leaving others to rot?

  1. We say LGBT(IQ) is a relapse in morality to make us feel morally superior

In the online version of In my opinion this means morality is a system made so our coexistence in society can be a peaceful and happy experience. And it’s supposed to be obeyed by every single member of society. But if we deem some people immoral because of their sexual preference, and we persecute them, does that make us the one with the better morality?

  1. We (mis)quote science only to support the conclusion we like

Today all kinds of scientific reports, researches, journals, articles, guidelines state and prove that homosexuality: a. is not a disease; b. is not contagious; c. is part of evolutional variation in Homo sapiens’s sexuality and gender; d. doesn’t need to be “cured”; and, e. doesn’t have any clear etiology. In addition, attempts to “cure” homosexuality are considered more dangerous than useful. Still, there are people who read science with prejudices, turning it around to form the kind of conclusions that they like. It’s more acceptable, I guess, if these are common people from non-scientific field, but to have health professionals doing it? Totally weird and scary. Seriously, pal. We are doctors, not priests.

  1. We go, “Gay people? Ew, anal sex!”

Many people consider homosexuality, especially gay men, as sinful because of this anal sex business. But, first of all, a lot of heterosexual couples, husband and wife even, have (and enjoy) anal sex. Secondly, do they think that all gay couples do is anal sex? It’s just the same as saying that all straight couples do is fucking, really. Gay couples, like straight ones, are creative – anal sex isn’t the only thing they can do, or like, in bed.   

  1. We claim homosexuality is not compatible with our traditional culture

The Bugis people of Sulawesi acknowledge and respect five kinds of gender in their culture. I once watched a wayang orang show in Solo, and the female lead character was played beautifully by a young man. That’s an anomaly? Let’s then take a look at our more “conventional” culture. In Gadis Pantai Pramoedya Ananta Toer told a story about a young girl from a fisherman village, taken away (or bought) from her home by a noble man to be his lover. Later, the girl was thrown away, not allowed to take her son with her, because the noble man was going to marry a noble woman, who was more suitable for him. That’s an example of the aristocratic and feudalistic Javanese culture. Or, how about child marriage, something that traditional (and religious) Indonesians still practice today? Or Female Genital Mutilation which is also still commonly practice?

  1. We equate gay people with pedophiliac predators

Some parents share their concerns on Facebook that gay people are dangerous sexual predators who will hunt their children. I have some close friends who are gays. It doesn’t seem like they have the slightest tendency to rape little children. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of sexual predators out there – fathers raping daughters, teachers raping students, husbands raping wives, boyfriends raping girlfriends, random rapists roaming on train stations and public bridges and bus stops. But, you’re right, they’re all straight, so….

  1. We fear the LGBT(IQ) propaganda

In the online version of KBBI, “propaganda” means sharing an ideology, opinion and others that are right or wrong with the purpose of persuading people to adopt a certain thinking, attitude or action.   LGBT(IQ) is a neurobiopsychological condition. How, exactly, can one propagandize a neurobiopsychological condition? It’s like you propagandize your eyes being blue. It doesn’t make sense. Moreover, the LGBT(IQ) never ask for more than the protection of their basic, civil, and legal rights. Just like us. They don’t have a secret agenda to conquer the world. How can you conquer the world, or anything, if even living is hard? Compare them to those who say gay people should be burned, stoned to death, or thrown from a high place. Now, that’s what I call hate propaganda.
Putri Widi Saraswati is a feminism and writing enthusiast. She’s not a big fan of the way people impose their concept of morality on others today. Unfortunately, she’s a doctor – the one profession that morality cannot let go.