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May 09, 2014

Vagenda: Taking the Piss Out of Sexist Coverage of Women

Famous, no make up and doing grocery shopping? No big deal, says a smart blog that gives a sarcastic twist on the media's obsession with female celebrities' physical appearances.

by Magdalene

Fed up with the big bullshit on mainstream women’s publications, British Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett created Vagenda Magazine, a blog that rips the piss out of those media in tongue-in-cheek manner.
“As (British columnist) Caitlin Moran has so wisely pointed out, humor, not anger, is the most powerful weapon.”
Aside from the women’s press, recently on Twitter Vagenda took upon itself to flip the sensational tabloid stories and headlines that are infamous for harping on women’s bodies. Vagenda asked its followers to send “normalized” versions of ridiculous and snarky headlines, and the results are brilliant and hilarious.
The much less sensational headlines highlight the sexism entrenched in tabloid journalism, and in journalism in general.
As Policymix put it, “The new headlines are a solid reminder that we shouldn't tolerate writing that treats women's bodies as constant fair game for sexualization and commentary.”

Check out some of the corrected headlines below.