Why No Kids

A website offers a platform to discuss the issue of being child free.

  • February 16, 2015
  • 2 min read
Why No Kids

Both of us, Magdalene editors, are childless/childfree by choice, although one of us is sitting on the fence lately and considering having a baby.
Our choice has triggered confusion, questions and judgments ­– understandable as it is not yet a common life choice in a conservative society that upholds family tradition. But there are people who envy us, and others who commend us for that stance said that had they known that option was available, they would have probably gone the same path.
We recently found whynokids.com and we thought it is a great platform to discuss the issue. According to its mission, the website is a place to explore the childless married lifestyle, opening up a conversation about it and offering a critical look of when and why one should have babies and the impact of children on marriage.
The tone of the posts ranges from goofy or tongue-in-cheek to serious, but it is never judgmental, self righteous, or holier-than-thou. The site offers original content and multiple points of view and a collection of intriguing blogs, studies, reviews and news, exploring the costs and benefits of bringing children into the world. It also examines how a person’s choice affects the environment, relationship, families and society and so on.
Browsing and reading through this website only confirms what we believe in all along: that having children should be a choice, not an obligation.

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