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Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
A Love Letter to All Flat-Chested Women

Perhaps it’s time to talk about small breasts – and the shaming of flat-chested women – in our conversation about body positivity.

by Mutiara Anggi July 19, 2019
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
Losing a Third of My Weight: My Physical Journey to Self-Love

In the journey of changing her lifestyle drastically and lost more than a third of her weight, she discovered self-love.

by Nikita Devi July 5, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Misconceptions around the #BodyPositivity Movement

Although its main purpose is to embrace all body types regardless of form, size, and color, misperceptions remain around #BodyPositive movement.

by Naila Rahma June 20, 2019
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
Dulu Kurus, Sekarang Gemuk: Pelajaran Berharga dari ‘Body Shaming’

Memiliki tubuh yang kurus atau gemuk adalah pilihan kamu yang sebenarnya tidak akan melukai orang lain.

by Michiko Karlina June 12, 2019