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Sekala Niskala Captures How A Child Deals with Loss and Grief

The new film by Director Kamila Andini explores the idea of an overlapping world between the seen and the unseen, the presence of the divine among the living when death feels near.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari March 13, 2018
Closure 32 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Why We Crave Closure

Why are some of us so tormented by the need for closure?

by Marcella Purnama August 12, 2016
Puppy Love

Dogs love their humans unconditionally. Can we do the same to them, even if they are not as pretty as the "ideal" dogs?

by Putri Widi Saraswati January 5, 2016
Issues // Politics and Society
Mantan Napi Bertobat Berkat Terpidana Mati Asal Australia

Saat waktu semakin dekat untuk pelaksanaan eksekusi berikutnya di Indonesia, seorang mantan narapidana mengisahkan pertobatannya, berkat seorang terpidana hukuman mati asal Australia.

by Rafki Hidayat April 27, 2015
Issues // Politics and Society
Negeri Pecinta Mati

Seorang jurnalis menggali latar belakang dukungan Indonesia terhadap hukuman mati untuk pengedar narkoba.

by Rafki Hidayat March 10, 2015
The Throes of Death Row: Indonesia's Zeal for Capital Punishment

A journalist explores what may lie beneath Indonesian's eager support for capital punishment for drug traffickers.

by Rafki Hidayat March 10, 2015
Goodbye, Letty

She fell ill shortly after our elementary graduation. The illness did not have a name back then, or at least the adults dared not name it in front of us kids.

by Maude Aimee Rivera February 27, 2015