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How Inequality Can Come Between Your Hard Work and Ambition

Raising awareness may relieve us of the false belief that inequality is easily overcome with hard work and drive, when it can be the other way around.

by Felicity Salina November 8, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Pentingnya Dorong Keterlibatan Perempuan Muda dalam Sektor Pertanian

Menciptakan iklim kondusif bagi perempuan muda desa untuk bertani akan menyejahterakan mereka dan memperkuat ketahanan pangan.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter November 2, 2018
Equality 94 Thumbnail, Magdalene
"Leave No She Behind": Involving Women in Policy-making and Peacemaking

Only by involving women and listening to their voices in policy making can we ensure that they are not left behind.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari August 17, 2018
Fighting Climate Change the Solarpunk Way

How Solarpunk approach could be used in fighting climate change.

by Raisa Rifat March 27, 2018
Housing is Human Right that State Must Protect: UN Rapporteur

The right to adequate housing is a human right much overlooked, leaving many people homeless and vulnerable in a world where property is a highly valued commodity.

by Camely Artha October 5, 2017
Magdalene Primer: In Kendeng, Women vs Cement Factory

In our new column "Magdalene Primer", we will break down a complicated, much-reported, or controversial current issue into bite-sized information to make sense for you.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari April 10, 2017
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Australia to Support Gender Equality in Indonesia

Australia has committed to support Indonesia in promoting gender equality by empowering women, including supporting economic empowerment.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari March 7, 2016
Low Representation of Women in Politics Hampers Development

Women represent less than a quarter of parliament members in the world and the increase has been sluggish, UN data shows.

by Aqila Putri July 16, 2015
Dear City Planners: Start Learning, Stop Copying!

Urban planners should stop doing comparative studies and start learning from discussions instead of copying what looks pretty in other cities.

by Elisa Sutanudjaja June 15, 2015