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Issues // Politics and Society
Narkoba dan Kekerasan Dalam Pacaran

Keluar dari sebuah hubungan dengan kekerasan akibat pengaruh narkoba bukanlah sebuah hal yang egois.

by Kikky Amalia July 13, 2017
Wanita Pecandu Narkoba 16 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Issues // Politics and Society
Perempuan Pecandu Narkoba Hadapi Stigma Ganda

Stigma ganda terhadap perempuan pecandu membuat mereka tidak mendapatkan layanan yang seharusnya diperoleh.

by Joan Pattiwaellapia June 19, 2017
Heroin Queen? Merry Utami's Life Tells a Different Story

Merry Utami, the next drug convicts to face execution, has been dubbed the "heroin queen", but her story is sadly typical of that of female domestic workers, who are ideal targets of drug syndicates.

by Gabrielle Dunlevy July 28, 2016
Child Divorce 15 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Going Sober

A messed up childhood, selfish and neglectful parents might have led her to drugs, but from the failures of the grownups around her, she has learned to become a better person.

by cybergoth93 October 12, 2015
After Mary Jane Veloso, What Should Indonesia Do?

A Filipino says Indonesia should ban the death penalty, legalize drugs, and free Mary Jane Veloso.

by Sylvia Estrada Claudio May 6, 2015