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Culture // Prose & Poem
Through Thick and Thin

Little did people know that Anjana and Adri were not that couple goal

by Inez Gazali August 21, 2019
How a Romance Novel Goes Deeper on Singapore than Crazy Rich Asians

A romance novel published in the same year as Crazy Rich Asians turn out to show a little more nuanced than the best-selling book series.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist October 24, 2018
Culture // Prose & Poem
I Am Changing

The latest poem from our Belles-Lettres column.

by Sonia Vashishta Oberoi October 22, 2018
'Crazy Rich Asians' Tak Representasi Budaya Asia Secara Utuh

Film tidak berkewajiban memiliki pesan pembawa perubahan dan tidak mungkin menampilkan representasi secara utuh apalagi sempurna.

by Budi Winawan October 12, 2018
Culture // Screen Raves
Mouthwatering "Aruna dan Lidahnya" Leaves Unsavory Aftertaste

While the film wins on aesthetic with its exhibition of food porn, it could have delivered a much better narrative.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari & Alvin Steviro October 5, 2018
Benarkah Nagini Itu Naga dari Indonesia?

Narasi baru dari J.K. Rowling soal Nagini problematik dan bersifat Orientalis.

by Ros Aruna September 28, 2018
Culture // Prose & Poem
Not All is Lost

Isn't it a woman's choice, to be able to decide whether she would like to have a kid or not? A new short fiction in our Belles-Lettres column

by Ninda Daianti March 6, 2018
Solitude Lonely Thumbnail 25, Magdalene
Culture // Prose & Poem
In Between

A poem about staying in the middle, perpetually.

by Camusyphus February 23, 2018
balon merah untuk anak, Magdalene
Culture // Screen Raves
The Inheritance of Fear: How 'It' (2017) Tackles Child Abuse, Bullying

The latest adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It" takes a look the idea of personal fear being "inherited" in the context of child abuse and bullying.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari September 15, 2017
Culture // Screen Raves
Women's Agency in Women Wrestling Series G.L.O.W

In retelling the story behind the 1980's women wrestlers, Netflix's series G.L.O.W reclaims the focus and shifts the women's narrative from mere objects of male gaze to agents of personal empowerment.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari September 6, 2017