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So Long, Japan, Land of Corporate Warriors: A Working Mom’s Story

She used to believe gender equality existed in Japan – until she gave birth to her first child.

by Haru June 23, 2020
Safe Space
Sharing Domestic Roles: More Said than Done

Despite increasing efforts to push men to share domestic work equally, women are still saddled with most of the household work.

by Lia Toriana June 6, 2020
There is No Equality Without Representation

Equality only is not enough without representation, and men have to contribute to the effort in promoting this idea.

by Margianta Surahman Juhanda Dinata June 26, 2019
Femvertizing_Capitalism_Corporation_Woman Empowerment_Fashion_SarahArifin
How Much is Your ‘Girl Power’ Shirt Worth? The Truth about Femvertising

Femvertising is designed to lure women to buy products in a false sense of allegiance to the cause of gender equality

by Siti Rochmah Aga Desyana June 11, 2019
Confession of a Sexist-Feminist

We can believe in all the good things and fight for gender equality, but in reality, we often find ourselves far from the idealism we cling to.

by Alvin Steviro September 27, 2017