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BTS and ARMY: Dismantling Western Hegemony, Breaking Stereotypes

BTS and ARMY are not just about musicians and their fans. They work together to dismantle Western music hegemony and the tiresome stereotype of hysterical fangirls.

by Tabayyun Pasinringi, Reporter September 3, 2020
Community // Instatree
BTS dan ARMY: Bongkar Hegemoni Industri Musik Hingga Stereotip ‘Fangirl’ Obsesif

I'm diamond, you know I glow up Let’s go!

by Magdalene September 2, 2020
The Grief Caused by a KPop Idol’s Passing

The sudden death of an idol can have a big impact to their loyal followers.

by Andina M Hawa November 8, 2019
How Fear of K-pop Highlights Homophobia in Asia

As K-pop is enjoying a rise in popularity among western audiences, it has led to a rise in homophobia in Asia.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist May 11, 2019
Korea K POP 20 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Issues // Politics and Society
Pokoknya Aku Hanya Mau Sama Laki-laki Korea!

Dampak drama Korea ternyata begitu dahsyat sampai perempuan lintas bangsa mimpi menikahi pria Korea dan beralih kewarganegaraan.

by Amy Darajati Utomo February 14, 2018
Korea K POP 77 Thumbnail, Magdalene
When a K-Pop Star's Death Opens Up a Can of Worms

When a k-pop star's death unintentionally opened the can of worms.

by Emme Rue d'od February 13, 2018