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Issues // Politics and Society
In the Closet, Out of the Gossip: The LGBT People’s Urgent Need for Safe Space

“When we’re hanging out, they always talk about other gay people. If I let them know that I’m gay, it’s the same as letting all gays in the city know about me.”

by Varrel Vendira March 11, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
At Rumah Singgah Transpuan Transwomen Bound by Love and Self-reform

At this shelter, transwomen learn skills to empower them financially and to connect to others in the community.

by Anggi Lubis March 5, 2019
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Membantah 'Slippery Slope' LGBT ke Pedofilia

Kelompok LGBT sering kali difitnah sebagai predator seksual yang tak segan memanipulasi dan menggunakan kekerasan demi kepuasan seksual.

by Benny Wirawan February 23, 2019