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Issues // Relationship
We should stop being afraid for our children

Being strong parents mean to expect, and not fear, the unexpected.

by Katrina Wahab March 21, 2019
Issues // Relationship
When Ahok Stole My Thunder: A Divorce Story

There are a lot of things that only fellow divorcees can understand and empathize. The latest essay by Magdalene’s Managing Editor Hera Diani.

by Hera Diani, Managing Editor March 7, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
More Women in Urban than Rural Areas are Domestic Violence Victims: BPS

Families' economic and social statuses do not always have a direct bearing on their susceptibility to violence, according to the National Statistics Agency.

by Camely Arta, Reporter January 30, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Smug Married Friends, Here's What Not to Say/Do to Your Single Friends

Are you one of these smug married friends? If yes, take heed!

by Ruby Astari January 9, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Before Planning the Wedding: We Need to Talk About Money, Honey

Debt makes people more hesitant to share their financial state with their partners.

by Kemala Pratiwi December 18, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Ruang (Ny)aman: Perjanjian Pranikah, Perlukah?

Perjanjian pranikah tidak hanya sebagai antisipasi perceraian tapi untuk menjaga kestabilan keuangan rumah tangga.

by Camely Arta, Reporter October 25, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Let's Take Another View On Infidelity

Infidelity is complex and messy. It is not as simple as asking, "Who's cheating?"

by H. Efendy September 20, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Pendidikan Perempuan untuk Siapa?

Ada sesuatu yang salah ketika pendidikan bagi perempuan dianggap sebagai penunjang kebahagiaan suami.

by Astrid F. Marjuan May 3, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Indonesia Without Dating: Get Married Young, Lest You Sin

Our reporter joined the movement Indonesia Without Dating and this is what she found.

by Elma Adisya April 18, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
For Many Women in Rural Indonesia, Gender Equality is a Far-Fetched Dream

Poor, uneducated and financially dependent on their husband many women in rural Indonesia, like the women in the author's family, lack agency, making them some of the most oppressed in the country.

by Randi Julian Miranda April 5, 2018