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Mental Health_Depression_Anxiety_SarahArifin
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
Peace in Words: How Writing Helps Me Survive the Darkest Days

When the dark cloud hovers and depression takes over, writing reminds her that she is not unworthy.

by Uly Siregar August 12, 2019
The Extreme Pressure Behind the Glamourous K-Pop Industry

K-Pop industry is one of the toughest entertainment industries with the most unforgiving audience, causing many of the idols to suffer from mental exhaustion and illness in silence.

by Sheila Lalita August 1, 2019
Mental Health_Depression_Anxiety_SarahArifin
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
How Depression and Anxiety Messed Up My Academic Life

Being smart was the only thing she was good at: until bouts of depression and anxiety attacks made her fail school.

by Nazalea Kusuma July 22, 2019
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Issues // Politics and Society
Shaping Spaces Through Knitting: A Personal Reflection

Since taking up knitting she has finally found a sense of belonging in a traditionally female-dominated space.

by Mahardhika Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad June 18, 2019
Pic_Kata Djiwa
KATA DJIWA: A Place Where You’ll be Heard and Cared For

Kelompok dukungan untuk berbagai individu dengan kesamaan permasalahan kesehatan mental agar dapat saling berbagi beban.

by Magdalene May 27, 2019
Wujudkan Tempat Kerja Sehat untuk Kesehatan Mental Pekerja

Pekerja yang paling banyak stres berat terkait dengan beban kerja paling banyak di sektor e-commerce, arsitektur, dan pembuat konten media.

by Magdalene February 27, 2019
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Issues // Politics and Society
Menemani Orang dengan Gangguan Mental

Bantuan dari orang terdekat membuat orang-orang dengan gangguan mental terus bertahan dan mendapat semangat untuk bangkit.

by Yana Safitri September 21, 2018
Combining Grace and Observing

Grace is an interior demeanor that keeps her calm, strong and courageous, while being observant allows her to inhabit a richer world.

by Jennie M. Xue, Columnist January 29, 2015
Writing Therapy for Peace and Happiness

Writing has helped our columnist weather some of the hardest moments in her life following her divorce. But you don't have to be a professional writer to find the act of writing therapeutic.

by by Jennie M. Xue October 3, 2014
Raising a Special Child: How Yoga Helps Me

Despite countless challenges, raising an autistic child has changed this mother's life for the better.

by Tina Maladi December 19, 2013