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Safe Space
Safety Plan from Domestic Violence in the Pandemic Time

If you, or anyone you know are experiencing domestic violence in this time of pandemic, start making a plan to save yourself.

by Patresia Kirnandita, Junior Editor June 18, 2020
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Safe Space
Dick Pics, Porn Videos: The Rise of Online Gender-based Violence During Pandemic

Sexual harassment in the form of nude photos, sexual activity videos, and sexting increases during the pandemic.

by Patresia Kirnandita, Junior Editor June 6, 2020
Marriage Lessons from Being Quarantined with My Parents

Growing up, she thought her parents had the best relationship, but quarantined with them as an adult has made her realize a major flaw in their marriage.

by Carin Hana May 1, 2020
How My Insecurities Worsen During the Pandemic

In self-quarantine during the pandemic her insecurities have worsened as she becomes more fixated on her physical appearance.

by Evi Kusumaningrum April 20, 2020
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Pandemic Shows How the Future is Not for Everyone

When the entire system appears to be collapsing because of the pandemic, how can we preserve an imagination of a hopeful future?

by Febi R. Ramadhan April 8, 2020
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Life and Death in the Time of Corona

The death of her best friend’s father to COVID-19 makes her contemplate what kind of world will be left when – and if ever – the pandemic is over.

by Gabrielle Kembuan April 7, 2020
Indonesian Students Abroad Vulnerable and Limited amid Pandemic Isolation

A sense of vulnerability and limited mobility have made us question our decision to pursue higher education abroad

by Habibah Hasnah Hermanadi April 1, 2020
It is OK to Vent About Coronavirus, Sometimes

With so much sadness and loss from COVID-19, some of us may feel selfish if we complain about relative inconveniences.

by Arash Javanbakht March 31, 2020
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Quarantine and Chill: How to Stay (Relatively) Sane During the Apocalypse

Staying home to #flattenthecurve is commendable, but you can step it out a bit. A life-long mental Doomsday Prepper, Binky Bee, shares some tips on how to cope with the impact of the pandemic.

by Binky Bee March 27, 2020
What I've Learned from Slowing Down in The Time of Corona

From never taking handwashing for granted again to dealing with family and business-related stress, our Editor-in-Chief talks about life in the time of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

by Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor March 27, 2020