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Are We Queers Bad Investments?

In our constant effort to conform, we often neglect to acknowledge our own self-value.

by Arie Raditya December 5, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Mengapa Anak dari Keluarga Miskin Cenderung Tetap Miskin Saat Dewasa: Riset

Riset menjelaskan mengapa anak yang miskin cenderung tetap miskin ketika dewasa

by Rendy A. Diningrat December 4, 2019
Previlege Thumbnail, Magdalene
Issues // Politics and Society
A Guide to the Concept of “Privilege” and What You Should Do with It

Negative reactions around privilege are rooted in misguided ideas about the concept. Here’s your guide to understand it and to do something about it.

by Simon Sibarani December 3, 2019
How I Pushed Away My Mother Tongue in Favor of English – And Regret It

It's the little things, like when every time I speak in English I gained more compliment and people respect me more.

by Siti Rochmah Aga Desyana September 19, 2019
Why You Need to Educate Yourself about White Privilege

There are many ways we affirm white privilege without even realizing that we’re doing it, because we’ve been conditioned to glorify whiteness.

by Michelle Winowatan July 31, 2019
Previlege Thumbnail, Magdalene
It's About Privilege, Not About Working or Studying Hard

Before accusing poor people of being lazy, this writer remind people that privilege is the stepping stone that got many to where they are today, instead of just 'hard work'.

by Alex Austria October 14, 2015