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Father Igor, the Fried Indomie Monster

Having left his advertising job to become an artist, Alam Taslim invented Igor, the Indomie 'goreng' monster a few years back. Now the monster has taken on a life of its own.

by Camely Artha September 29, 2017
Winners of Life: The Undeterred spirit of the 1965 Survivors

A new book captures the courage of women survivor of the 1965 atrocities.

by Devi Asmarani May 14, 2016
Kyai Thumbnail, Magdalene
The Feminist Ulema

Meet Kyai Husein Muhammad, ulema, gender and human rights activist, and champion of youth reproductive rights, who has initiated a campaign on Islamic-based sexual and reproductive health rights in Islamic boarding school.

by Hera Diani September 20, 2013