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How a Ghost from 'Hotel del Luna' Shares Similarities with Many Indonesian Women

Why is it so hard for women to get justice even when they are clearly victims of heinous crime?

by Sheramanda R. October 11, 2019
How Homophobia Distorts Our Conversation about Rape Culture

Highlighting a rapist’s sexual preference always blurs the focus on addressing the issue of rape culture.

by Nikita Devi July 18, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Cerita Agni Membantuku Hadapi Trauma

Seorang penyintas pemerkosaan mendapat penguatan dari cerita ‘Agni’, sesama mahasiswa di Universitas Gadjah Mada.

by Hana March 18, 2019
Sexual Assaults Survivors Stay Silent Thanks to Little Protection from Schools

Schools often deny justice to survivors of sexual assaults on campus to protect their "good names".

by Angesti Citra Asih November 30, 2018
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Ending Rape Culture in Universities in Indonesia

The rape case of an UGM student and the university's reaction is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual violence on campuses.

by Pritania Astari November 13, 2018
The Sexual Life of a Molested Child

(Trigger Warning) After being molested by her uncle at six years old began her private sexual life that would last well into her teenage years.

by K October 17, 2018 55 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Exhibition Showcases Artworks of Sexual Violence Survivors

Partnering with sexual violence survivors 16 artists, writers and performers showcased their works on what it means to speak up.

by Camely Artha August 24, 2018
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Issues // Politics and Society
LBH APIK: Indonesian Legal System Unfair to Women Victims of Violence

Instead of justice, women victims of violence are often further abused or even criminalized in court.

by Camely Artha February 19, 2018
When the Line Between Sex and Rape Blurs

Where do we draw the line between consensual and non-consensual sex? And what can we do if we find out that we are a perpetrator of non-consensual sex too?

by Synd February 7, 2018
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Never Forget May 98 Tragedy: Komnas Perempuan

Indonesia should learn from the dark history of the May 98 tragedy, said Komnas Perempuan.

by Camely Artha May 8, 2017