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Issues // Politics and Society
How Inequality Can Come Between Your Hard Work and Ambition

Raising awareness may relieve us of the false belief that inequality is easily overcome with hard work and drive, when it can be the other way around.

by Felicity Salina November 8, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Schools should Introduce Different Types of Families to Children

More children are raised in unconventional types of families today, so schools should take this into account when introducing the concept of a family to them.

by Antonina Suryantari August 16, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Ruang (Ny)aman: Pilih Sekolah yang Menjadikan Anak Subjek

Sekolah harus memenuhi kebutuhan utama anak yakni bermain, sesuai dengan tahap tumbuh kembangnya, menurut praktisi pendidikan.

by Tabayyun Pasinringi July 19, 2018