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Dear My 17-yo Self, Love Yourself and Hang in There!

A love letter to a younger self, when life as a queer teen was turbulent, confusing and often lonely.

by Bloom June 16, 2020
Loving My Own Body Despite Being Told the Opposite

Her journey to loving her own body involves unlearning what she has been taught about her looks by her own mother.

by Orrik Ormeari March 3, 2020
I was Ill But Happy to be Skinny

Now in my “dream body,” I was happy to be depressed and to consume a bunch of pills on a daily basis. The huge irony eluded me.

by Annisa January 8, 2020
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Berusaha Untuk Selalu Bahagia Itu Enggak Perlu

Usaha untuk meningkatkan kebahagiaan dapat menjadi upaya yang sia-sia, seperti berenang melawan arus.

by Frank T. McAndrew September 25, 2019
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
5 Akun Instagram Bermanfaat Soal Kesehatan Mental

Akun-akun Instagram ini bisa membuatmu yang memiliki masalah kesehatan mental tidak merasa sendiri.

by Shafira Amalia August 22, 2019
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Nipplets Dorong Kampanye Tubuh Positif Lewat ‘Lingerie’

Memakai ‘lingerie’ tidak hanya untuk menyenangkan pasangan, namun juga merupakan salah satu bentuk ‘self-love’ terbaik.

by Shafira Amalia August 8, 2019
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
Dompet Aman, Kulit Nyaman: 10 Produk ‘Skincare’ yang Tak Kuras Kantong

Membuat kulit sehat dan nyaman tidak perlu produk skincare yang mahal.

by Shafira Amalia August 6, 2019
A Love Letter to All Flat-Chested Women

Perhaps it’s time to talk about small breasts – and the shaming of flat-chested women – in our conversation about body positivity.

by Mutiara Anggi July 19, 2019
Losing a Third of My Weight: My Physical Journey to Self-Love

In the journey of changing her lifestyle drastically and lost more than a third of her weight, she discovered self-love.

by Nikita Devi July 5, 2019
Misconceptions around the #BodyPositivity Movement

Although its main purpose is to embrace all body types regardless of form, size, and color, misperceptions remain around #BodyPositive movement.

by Naila Rahma June 20, 2019