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Issues // Politics and Society
Prostitusi dan Hak Seksual

Banyak orang (baca: kaum moralis) mempertanyakan mengapa pekerja seks tidak bisa dipidana.

by Clianta de Santo January 8, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Sudah Berapa Kali Kita Menghujat Korban Prostitusi Online?

Olok-olok terhadap pelaku prostitusi 'online' membuat penulis merasa urgensi pengesahan UU Penghapusan Kekerasan Seksual semakin berkurang.

by Priska Siagian January 7, 2019
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Issues // Politics and Society
Ibu Rumah Tangga: Kerentanan 'Alamiah' Transmisi HIV

Negara dan masyarakat perlu menafsir ulang makna "perempuan baik" di dalam kehidupan sosial.

by Astried Permata December 13, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Di Manakah Letak Patriarki?

Ada kegagalan untuk mengidentifikasi letak patriarki yang beragam sehingga pemberangusannya tidak efektif.

by Lailatul Fitriyah October 5, 2018
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Issues // Politics and Society
"Watch What You Wear!" My Asian Games Volunteering Experience

Her clothing choice during her off days while volunteering for Asian Games landed her in hot water. But it was the reason cited that riled her.

by Azalea Johannes September 17, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Football as the Last Bastion of Masculinity

This year's FIFA World Cup has reminded us again why football is still largely connected to sexism and toxic masculinity.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist July 11, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Tubuh Kurus Tak Luput dari 'Body Shaming'

Tidak seksi, tidak enak dipandang, gampang terbawa angin. Kapan kita berhenti mengomentari fisik orang lain?

by Yuliana Martha Tresia July 2, 2018
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Issues // Gender and Sexuality
'Panel Laki' Campaign Calls Out The Sexism in All-Male Panels

A new social media campaign "Panel Laki" aims to end the sexist practice of conducting all-male panels or "manels".

by Camely Arta November 23, 2017
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Issues // Politics and Society
How Media Sexism Demeans Women and Fuels Abuse by Men

The 'sticky floor' problem puts women in a position to be exploited by men like Weinstein.

by Virginia García Beaudoux November 16, 2017
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Confession of a Sexist-Feminist

We can believe in all the good things and fight for gender equality, but in reality, we often find ourselves far from the idealism we cling to.

by Alvin Steviro September 27, 2017