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Before she exits her dark world and enters hers, the demon must be defeated.

by Cita N. Ishak October 9, 2017
What Good Would It Do Anyway?

By eight she has learned that her body is not hers only and she has to defend it again and again.

by Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor August 15, 2017
Issues // Politics and Society
Lebaran Tahun Ini

Sebuah cerita pendek tentang tatanan keluarga tradisional yang destruktif terhadap perempuan.

by Aqmarina Andira July 1, 2016
Pull It Hard

She thought she had passed that stage of fear of meeting someone from her past, but sometimes they still got to her.

by Amy Pangestu June 3, 2016
Tujuh Belas Mei

Sebuah cerita pendek untuk memperingati 'International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).'

by Febbry Lovina May 17, 2016
Cerpen 37 Thumbnail, Magdalene

Cerita pendek tentang seorang perempuan dan kekerasan.

by Imam Wahyudi November 6, 2015
Sang Liyan

Sebuah cerita pendek yang menyoroti kekerasan terhadap remaja LGBT.

by Sebastian Partogi August 13, 2015