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Issues // Politics and Society
Catatan Asian Games 2018: 'SPORT IS NOT LAKI'

Jangan lagi kita memberi ruang pada iklan dan media yang diskriminatif dan menguatkan stereotip.

by Marisna Yulianti September 5, 2018
Wo/Men We Love
10 Indonesian Female Athletes to Look Forward To in Asian Games 2018

Women athletes were some of the first to contribute some medals to the Indonesian team in this year's Asian Games. Here are ten of them to look forward to.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari, Reporter/Social Media Manager August 23, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Football as the Last Bastion of Masculinity

This year's FIFA World Cup has reminded us again why football is still largely connected to sexism and toxic masculinity.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist July 11, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Female Athletes Struggle Against Inequality and Stereotypes

Sports could be an excellent vehicle to promote social inclusion of women and girls, but in reality, women's sports still lag behind at all levels.

by Wulan Kusuma Wardhani, Reporter March 28, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Underpaid and Legally Unprotected: The Plight of Women's Footballer

Women are still falling behind when it comes to gender equality in football.

by Wulan Kusuma Wardhani, Reporter March 6, 2018
Lifestyle // Travel and Leisure
Why I'm Crazy About Women's Football

When women play football, they challenge the exclusivity of machismo, and so are put down through ignorance, derision, and objectification.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist November 10, 2017
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
The Women of Formula One

Formula One isn't a sports event known for women's involvement, but behind it is a slew of women who make things happen.

by Ukirsari August 23, 2016
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
5 Best Tips I Got for My First Triathlon

The mind is a very powerful tool, and regardless of the training you do, when that gives up - the strength of your muscles in every other part of your body will matter little.

by Natashya Gutierrez October 21, 2015
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Women Players Lead the Fight Against Homophobia in Football

Women in football have had to battle sexism and discrimination, and homophobia adds another layer to this. But women's football has been less harsh when dealing with homosexuality than its male counterparts. It is commonly known that many female footballers are lesbians, and in recent years, more of them have come out.

by Retno Nino and Wulan Kusuma Wardhani July 29, 2015
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Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Women's Football After Canada 2015

In the era of live Tweet commentaries, the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup has sparked some discussions on the prevalence of sexism in football. Here are some of the challenges keeping women's football from advancing.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist July 13, 2015