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Culture // Screen Raves
Pasangan dalam Film yang Tak Seharusnya Jadi #CoupleGoals

Pasangan-pasangan dalam film ini menjadi #CoupleGoals banyak orang tapi sesungguhnya hubungan mereka toxic. #Spoilers

by Shafira Amalia September 11, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Dear Men, Stop Persisting: We’re not Interested

Why do many men feel like they are entitled to a “yes” all the time when it comes to approaching a woman they’re interested in?

by Binky Bee May 9, 2019
How I Left My Deadbeat Husband

Twelve years into her marriage, she'd finally had enough and divorced her deadbeat husband. This woman muses why isn't financial negligence considered a form of domestic violence?

by Dewi Drupadi February 14, 2014