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Lucinta Luna_Transgender_LGBT_waria_Transpuan
Issues // Politics and Society
Sebuah Refleksi Tentang Lucinta Luna dan Komunitas Trans

Tidak adil menghakimi Lucinta Luna jika komunitas transgender tidak mendapatkan kesempatan yang sama dengan mereka yang cisgender.

by Kevin Halim April 30, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
The Vicious Cycle We Have Created for Transgender Women in Indonesia

Integrating transgender women into women’s movement is important not only to consolidate power, but also to help protect the marginalized group from pervasive violence and discrimination against its members.

by Kevin Halim March 15, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
At Rumah Singgah Transpuan Transwomen Bound by Love and Self-reform

At this shelter, transwomen learn skills to empower them financially and to connect to others in the community.

by Anggi Lubis March 5, 2019
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
No Country for LGBT: Moral Panic and Persecution of Sexual Minority in Indonesia

In the past two years, discrimination and persecution cases against LGBT people have been on the rise. This is the first of Magdalene's in-depth series documenting the issue.

by Devi Asmarani, Chief Editor August 1, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
'Passing' dan Rekonstruksi Patriarki ala Komunitas Trans

Konstruksi gender biner yang dominan dalam masyarakat Indonesia diamini juga oleh orang-orang trans.

by Abhi Muchtar July 31, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Islam dan WHO, Melepas Belenggu Transgender

Alquran mengakomodasi transgender dan tidak sekali pun memerintahkan muslim untuk menyakiti dan mendiskriminasinya.

by Aan Anshori July 4, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Jobs Leaves Vulnerable LGBT Struggling Financially

The current oppressive climate against the LGBT people worsens the situation for many people who are already vulnerable, making them struggle to make ends meet.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari, Reporter/Social Media Manager April 27, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Sekolah Alternatif untuk Transpuan: Melawan dalam Diam

Di tengah intimidasi dan perkusi, sekolah alternatif untuk transpuan muda terus berjalan untuk memberdayakan kelompok mereka.

by Elma Adisya, Jurnalis April 12, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Being Gay and Indonesian: Appropriated but Marginalized

Your approval of gay people means nothing unless you acknowledge their full rights as human beings.

by Rey Aksara February 5, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
The Unsung Heroes of Transactivism and Becoming Aware of My Own Privilege

Working with a group of transfemale activists have taught him about the class privilege he had taken for granted as a gay man.

by Jude W January 29, 2018