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Sebuah Penghargaan kepada Kakak Perempuan Saya

Kakak saya bukan perempuan patuh, dia membuktikan bahwa konstruksi sosial yang menyudutkan tidak perlu dituruti.

by Ali Achmad Zainuri August 13, 2019
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To All the Queer Folks Getting Over Their Breakups

Mending a broken heart is a struggle for everyone, but for the LGBTQ people in a society that denies their basic rights, the struggle quadruples.

by BM June 28, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Dear Men, Stop Persisting: We’re not Interested

Why do many men feel like they are entitled to a “yes” all the time when it comes to approaching a woman they’re interested in?

by Binky Bee May 9, 2019
Issues // Relationship
We All Need Support (Groups)

From heart-to-heart talk with BFFs, to attending a poetry reading open mic, everyone needs their own support groups.

by Firnita Taufick April 12, 2019
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My Patriarchal Extended Family and Why I Dread Spending Holidays with Them

Even as a little girl, she knew something was off when she saw women spending most of their time in the kitchen to serve the men in the family.

by Shafira Amalia, Reporter April 10, 2019
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Issues // Relationship
Smoking is a Form of Religion: My Conversion Story

Her decision to convert to Christianity ahead of her wedding did not only ruffle a few feathers in her own family, it led her to think about her relationship with the faith she was born into.

by Ninda Daianti March 27, 2019
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How My Husband and I Choose the Contraception for Us

It’s a good practice to have a frank discussion with your partner on what contraception most suits your plans as a family.

by Kemala Pratiwi March 22, 2019
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We should stop being afraid for our children

Being strong parents mean to expect, and not fear, the unexpected.

by Katrina Wahab March 21, 2019
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When Ahok Stole My Thunder: A Divorce Story

There are a lot of things that only fellow divorcees can understand and empathize. The latest essay by Magdalene’s Managing Editor Hera Diani.

by Hera Diani, Managing Editor March 7, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Making Sense of My Mother's Love: Not Always Warm but Ever Evolving

My mother is not a perfect mother, but neither am I a perfect daughter. Our relationship is complex and messy, but never devoid of love.

by Miriam January 17, 2019