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Smug Married Friends, Here's What Not to Say/Do to Your Single Friends

Are you one of these smug married friends? If yes, take heed!

by Ruby Astari January 09, 2019
Issues // Relationship
Before Planning the Wedding: We Need to Talk About Money, Honey

Debt makes people more hesitant to share their financial state with their partners.

by Kemala Pratiwi December 18, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Beware of the Silent Killer that is Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuser will slowly kill you on the inside, so run for your life.

by Vania Adiella December 04, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Ex-Stalking and Insecurity: We Need to Make Peace with Ourselves

Yes, ex-stalking - whether your own or your current partner's - is a thing and here's why it must be stopped.

by Masithoh Azzahro Lutfiasari October 26, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Teach the Kids to Fail, And They'll Come Out Stronger

What if, instead of merely focusing on success, we prepare our kids for failure and to rise up from it?

by Miriam Bahagijo October 15, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Let's Take Another View On Infidelity

Infidelity is complex and messy. It is not as simple as asking, "Who's cheating?"

by H. Efendy September 20, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Breathing Through Grief: What I learned from Losing My Mother

Losing a mother is hard, but even harder is the regret of not having spent enough time with her.

by Dhiah Karsiwulan September 07, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Recovering from a Toxic Relationship is Not That Easy

To everyone, her ex was a charming, generous guy, the epitome of "the perfect son-in-law", but to her he was a possessive, manipulative, controlling and abusive boyfriend who was hard to break away from.

by Indah August 31, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Sharing Joys and Chores, the Case for Joint Parental Leave

Joint parental leaves can strengthen the bond of family, one in which the blessings and responsibilities of parenthood are equally shared.

by Namira Puspandari August 21, 2018
Issues // Relationship
Schools should Introduce Different Types of Families to Children

More children are raised in unconventional types of families today, so schools should take this into account when introducing the concept of a family to them.

by Antonina Suryantari August 16, 2018