FUN-raisers Build Learning Centers for Papuan Children

Annual digital campaign #BERANIMIMPI holds fundraising competition to help build 'honai' learning house and sanitation facilitates or young children.

  • June 2, 2017
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FUN-raisers Build Learning Centers for Papuan Children

“I want to be a nurse when I grow up,” said Siska, a 5-year-old girl from Sapalek, Napua District, Wamena, in a campaign video produced by humanitarian foundation Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI).
The daughter of a farmer has started her education along with some 180 other children every Friday and Saturday at early childhood education centers in their village (PAUD). She would have like to go more often, but there are  no PAUD buildings in their village, so the activities are conducted at the village head’s office. Also, the scarcity of teachers makes it hard to run the program more than twice a week.
The role of early childhood education is important for children aged one to five, the so-called “golden age.” But in remote places like the Sapalek Village, lack of places and teachers make PAUD a luxury. In addition, the existing three PAUD in Sapalek, with around 526 students, have no have toilets access, so children still practice open defecation.
At PAUD, the children learn about letters, numbers, as well as to sing. Just as important, they also learn about hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. According to Ms. Tolince – one of the PAUD’s voluntary teacher – before the children attended and learned in PAUD, they rarely showered. Many of them suffer from skin disease like scab.
But now, everyone can contribute to give the children of Sapalek a better place to learn.
Through its annual digital campaign #BERANIMIMPI, WVI invites all Indonesians to help make changes for children in Sapalek Village, Papua. The community can participate directly in a fundraising competition. The fund raised will be used for the construction of honai (a traditional Papuan house) learning house and sanitation facilities in three schools there.
#BERANIMIMPI is an online fun-raising competition initiated by WVI that aims to raise funding for unfortunate Indonesian children, and make changes for Indonesian children. This campaign was implemented in cooperation with Campaign.com and supported by Kitabisa.com
2017 is the second year for #BERANIMIMPI campaign. Last year through #BERANIMIMPI 2016, WVI along with 104 “FUN-raisers” and 827 donors collected Rp 547.5 million to build an infiltration well and improve integrated health centers (posyandu) in Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.
“#BERANIMIMPI is a social campaign that combines the concept of crowdfunding with the concept of “voluntourism”; a combination of volunteering and tourism. The crowdfunding concept is conducted through an online fundraising competition beranimimpi.id, while the “voluntourism” concept is offered as a reward for three winners of the competition that successfully raise the most funds,” explained Priscilla Christin, Communications Director of Wahana Visi Indonesia.
Through the online portal beranimimpi.id, interested participants can choose whether to join a fundraising competition or donate directly through beranimimpi.id. Those who want to be “FUN-raisers” can register their creative ideas and raise donations from the whole community. Creative ideas can take many forms, such as running around the National Monument if they have successfully raised a donation of Rp 1 million, or walking around wearing superheroes costumes if they have successfully raised Rp 50 million.

“Great impact can start from fun little action. So, anyone can get involved. That’s the principle of #BERANIMIMPI,” said Priscilla.
The competition is running for one month from July 7 to August 7, 2017. For now, contestants are allowed to register and create their campaign pages. The content will also get their links, so they can easily spread the links through their social media to raise donations. Five brand ambassadors #BERANIMIMPI 2017 also attended the launching of this campaign on May 30 in Central Jakarta. They are singer Eva Celia, actress Chelsea Islan, singer Monita Tahalea, model Firrina Sinatrya, and travel blogger Febrian. Each carries different dreams for Papua.
“We hoped that more people would be involved in #BERANIMIMPI, especially Indonesian youths who may not believe that they can make changes for Indonesia. WVI wants to say that everyone can, with whatever we have. We all can make a change, as long as we  dare to dream and take actions,” said Doseba Tua Sinay, the CEO and National Director of WVI.
For more information on #BERANIMIMPI and how to participate in this campaign, you can visit http://www.campaign.com/BeraniMimpi or follow @wahanavisi_id on Twitter and Instagram.
Check out #BERANIMIMPI 2017 trailer



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