Let’s #TalkAboutIt; Let’s Support #MulaiBicara campaign

The joint campaign #MulaiBicara encourages people to talk about the pervasive problem of sexual violence in Indonesia and discuss solutions to end it.

  • June 11, 2016
  • 3 min read
Let’s #TalkAboutIt; Let’s Support #MulaiBicara campaign

It’s been over a month since sexual violence survivors support group Lentera ID, Campaign.com and Magdalene jointly launched the #MulaiBicara or #TalkAboutIt campaign.  The campaign is aimed at raising public awareness on the issue of sexual violence in Indonesia and discuss ways to end the pervasive problems.

During this time, we have held events, including panel discussions, launched petitions and online survey, and met with some key allies to push for some changes to end the cycle of sexual violence in Indonesia. Through our social media channels, we ask that people voice their opinions on sexual violence, or post pictures of them with speech bubbles to provide support to sexual violent survivors.



The campaign has attracted some supporters, including public figures, and interesting views. The launch happened to coincide with the emergence of news stories on brutal rapes that took place across Indonesia, which made the issue more prominent in the media and catapulted some decisive actions.

“I was sexually harassed by people I know and I was fortunate to be able to confront the shame by my own and erase that segment out of my life. But others might not. To know they aren’t alone is the first step to a life-long healing process. Don’t shut them down, let them talk. Let’s all talk. Let offenders know, what they did was wrong and no one can pin it on the victim #mulaibicara,” said Florence Armein.

Some talk about how wrong it is to judge sexual violence survivors for what they wear and others contemplate the most severe punishment for rapists. Below are some of the comments we gathered from the campaign, some written in Indonesian. 

“Thank you for caring. Have the courage to speak out and report if something bothers you in your surrounding,” said Joppy Justian.

 “Don’t change the laws and regulations, change the legal structure and the law creator,” said Fahmi Adiprasetia.

“Your silence will not PROTECT you!” said Adeline. 

 “Speak up. We are listening now,” said Elious Grinsant.

This seven-month long campaign will continue with a range of of other activities, including movie screening, talks at universities and high schools, and launch of public service announcements videos. The campaign has also conducted an online survey of sexual violence, the result of which will be revealed here soon.

So, if you haven’t taken part in this discussion, you can start now, and get your friends and families to join too. Upload your photo, tweet your message and don’t forget the hashtag #MulaiBicara and mention @LenteraID and @the_magdalene on Facebook and Twitter, or @Lentera_ID and @magdaleneid on Instagram.
To continue the conversation and support the campaign visit campaign.com/mulaibicara.

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